First cycle - Looking for help from all you guys!

First cycle - Looking for help from all you guys!

Hey Guys,

After researching on here feels like you guys have a real brotherhood on here and some great knowledge. Want to get your input on a couple things.

I started pinning 200mg/ cyp 3 weeks ago. In the meantime landed from a source. Ready to roll-

500mg test E/ week
250iu hcg 2x week
Aromasin and Adex on hand.

I did one cycle of test only 5 years ago. So this almost feels like my first cycle again.

Ive never counted calories before. I walk around at 6’3” 200. Unsure of body fat but I’ve always been extremely lean. I downloaded fitness pal app just to get an idea of what I had been eating/plan out what I need to be eating. my goal is to put on as much mass as possible.

My two main questions.
How many calories should I be shooting for a day?
And what breakdown of carbs/protein/ fat?

Second, AI wise, it seems like the consensus from my research is- get blood work to see where you’re at. Then dose acordingly. I got blood from my PCP prior. However e2 was not in it. I will order independent bloods soon, but I kinda wanna wait till I’m on 500mg a week before I order those.

The few times I’ve taken .25mg Adex I’ve felt like shit the next day or two. Would like to transition to aromasin or nolva as needed? I understand aromasin is a suicidal inhibitor so I’d like to err on th low side. So My question is should I low dose aromasin like 6.25mg 2x week? Or not take anything, ride the wave till I get bloods to see where I’m at?

Let me know your thoughts and fire away with any questions.

Thanks fellas

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Calories and nutrients all depend on what your goals are? You looking to bulk? As you said your always lean so I figured that’s what your shooting for?
What’s your calorie intake looking like right now?
I wouldn’t use an estrogen blocker till needed, I wouldn’t need it on the dose your at.

It will take some playing around to find that spot where your calorie intake is promoting muscle growth. I always start my diet at 3k and adjust in increments of 500 up or down depending on my goals.

My carb intake is probably a bit higher than most, as I feel like shit if I don’t have enough carbs.

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I would shoot for 5k calories/day, get around 1.5g protein per kg body weight, and adjust your carbs/fats needed. When using an ai, you need bloodwork done during cycle to check all your levels, including estrogen. You’ll get differing opinions, but I don’t worry about my estrogen number on my blood tests, I only use an ai to treat estrogen related side effects. I don’t use an ai until I get side effects from high estrogen, high blood pressure, increased water retention, sexual issues… ect.


Personally I don’t count macros, I count calories.
Found your “maintenance” calories and adjust from there. Like @Youts mentioned, add an amount of calories (200-400) from your maintenance caloric intake.


What’s your carbs @Youts

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I would go 4-5wks then get your bloodwork roidtest has home test kits but if you have insurance tell your doctor you want to test your hormone levels. Remember you pay him for a service. He should provide it as long as you don’t ask for a controlled substance lol
It sounds like you are very sensitive to an ai you might not need one everyone is different that’s why everyone pushes bloodwork.
Nolvadex is something that I like to use throughout a cycle and I prefer exemestane or aromasin same compound. If I get to where my estrogen is to high I can bring it down with the aromasin and im on nolvadex which should block any gyno issues I also use proviron which will also help keep your estrogen down but it doesn’t control it like an ai but it helps your testosterone work better also its a great compound.

When it comes to your diet its all about your goals and you want to bulk. That means you want to bump up your diet. I prefer heavy protein because carbs bloat me heavily but everyone is different this is why you should figure out your diet and how raising cals and macros effect you before beginning the cycle you would be amazed what you can do with just a strong diet even without any gear.
On a bulk try to eat clean but take in as much food as possible 5-6 meals a day. Your going to have to food prep and then you will be able to know exactly how much you are taking in each day.
On your macros build a heavy diet of 5-6 meals around 400g carbs 300g protein 60g fats I would actually take in more protein but start with that and adjust to fit you and your body.
That’s just throwing out numbers but your calories really need to jump up from maintenance but try to keep it clean you can have cheat meals but you don’t want to get your nutrition from fast food or from a box.


I will count em out, I don’t follow macros as much, but I have a carb with every bit of protein I take, so my body uses the carb for fuel and doesn’t steal any of the protein for it.

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Let’s put it like this, my last meal of day is usually bagels,two, totaling 106 carbs, and if it’s not bagel, it’s still gonna be loaded with carbs.


Mine was a 12" pizza with beef, green olives, and pepperoni.

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Well that was more carbs then mine, nice. And don’t get me wrong, l love my proteins, chicken steaks all that but I love my pasta and bread


On the nutrition side I still have never counted macros or calories. Once I learned what to eat and what not to eat, what my body digest well and dose not; I began using portion controls to affect desired results and its been slow and steady progress from then on.

Milk is my wild card I pull in/out/adjust the most as a variable then start reducing/increasing/switching other foods from there.


Thanks the help guys. I increased my calories from 3500/day to 4000/day this week. Going to go to 4500/day this coming Monday. 5000 the following Monday. As far what I’m eating I’ve really just been eating whatever the fuck I want that isn’t processed or come in a box minus rice And pasta. Been adding in some junk food at night for calories as well as milk. Didn’t realize how diligent I’d have to bee to hit the calorie mark! i pinned 250 test e on Tuesday and today, Friday. Will take 6.25 mg aromasin if I have E sumptoms. Ordered a blood test on amazon As well. Allegedly gyms around here are opening up arounhere Monday’s. Looking forward to having a real gym ASAP


@John @Youts @Bigmurph So I just found out gyms around here won’t be open for 7 weeks ( at least) and just started my blast. I have dumbells 10-50lbs, kettlebells, flat bench, incline bench. Going to try to keep building on what I have but you guys think it’s worth it to continue the cycle or cut it short now PCT and wait till I can take full advantage of a gym?


I personally would drop down to a cruise or trt dose 200 cyp 250 enanthate and just work out at home with what you have then 7 wks go full blast and get even bigger than hit pct. Maybe even keep a cruise dose going.


I think the smart thing to do is listen to @Bigmurph he knows his shit, I understand the wanting to get to it, I’m an inpatient fucker. But the smart money is on waiting till you hit the gym.


Ultimately what @Bigmurph is the most logical, but honestly if I had the money/enough compounds and was in that situation I’d run a higher amount of test only and get more as I could and keep right on going when the gym opens


This sounds like the best bet. My question then would be let’s say 8 weeks I’m at a TRT dose 200mg/wk, then I increase to 500mg/week for 12-16 weeks, does that extra 8 weeks on test hurt my PCT recovery?

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Yes it will be a more difficult pct but your using hcg and im not sure of your age and your baseline testosterone levels.
I wouldn’t run that long im glad that you asked this because I don’t believe that you should run longer than 16wks. If I told you to run it that long it was a mistake. I thought that you could run your testosterone for 16wks possibly 20 at most starting with a low dose I don’t believe that you should run a low dose and then run a actually cycle after especially a long cycle. If you run the low dose its part of the time that your cycle will be total.
More about the pct
The higher in age you are the more difficult it will be and depending upon really what type of testosterone levels you start off with can also effect if you can end up needing trt.
I don’t believe that you will need trt as long as you run a proper pct protocol but yes there’s a chance when you put all the variables together that you might have a harder pct but then again if the variables are in your favor you might not notice any difference between the extra weeks.

If this is a concern or the variables aren’t in your favor I would then just wait until you can get the best out of everything the low dose to then hit the gym at a higher dose would be to just carry you through this period before the gyms open you can make great gains still on low dose testosterone. It still always revolves around your diet.

Thanks Murph. I’m 30 years old. I’ve done one test only cycle at age 25. My test level was 588 prior. I’m going to go with a middle ground of 300mg/week, total of 16 weeks. I’ve been on 200mg/week for 4 weeks, then increased to 500/mg a week for one week. Going to go down to 300mg/wk which gives me a solid 11 more weeks. Then I’ll PCT. I think I have enough tools at my home gym to make some solid gains. After that I can plot out a heavier cycle for a few months down the road

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Test level 588 prior to this cycle that is. So roughly two months ago.

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