First Cycle Need help with advice

I’m new to the forum and would like some advice. I’m 25 years old and have been lifting and playing competitive sports since I’ve been 12. Never touched anything but have always been curious. I know a few people who take PEDs and they all said to do research. I’m 6’2 275. healthy weight is around 240-250. Main interest is improving aesthetics. I train very hard and can put on muscle fast but not looking as great as i could. I know you can’t outwork a bad diet i can hone that in first if i decide to do this. But i would like to know what to start with. Thanks

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My opinion for what it is worth is : Get body fat % down. Before you venture in to the world of Gear.
I recommend hiring a coach that understands what your expectations are and one who can get you there. @PHD on here I’m sure can help you reach your goals. A coach that knows gear and one that knows when and how you should be using it.


I appreciate it, thanks for the response.

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Definitely get the diet in check. It’s going to aid you way better when taking different compounds. If you have no control over diet there is no point in taking anything. You should be able to drop the weight in a couple months and with that time you can forsure read up on all compounds and how they work. As for what to take because that was your question, almost everyone starts out with a testosterone based cycle.

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I second this.

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Welcome to UGM bro! Once your diet is in check, and it’s the most important part, your gonna want to start doing research on a test only cycle. Don’t jump right in, take your time, do your research, get your diet and exercise perfect. Your nutritional needs are much different when using gear. Your gonna need to know all about testosterone, everything you can learn. Also research post cycle therapy, as this is equally important. Good luck my man, your part of a great community and the boards full on great info.


Welcome. What has been said is on point, and the third thing not been mentioned is sleep, your gonna make gains either way, but with a solid sleep regime it’s gonna make it even better,your body isn’t healing and growing,if it doesn’t get rest, and I suck at sleeping, tossing and turning like it’s my job, so I need to work on that to.


Hey brother I wanted to welcome you to ugmuscle.

Advice on your goals is to start off with the weight loss and putting together your diet and training that you will use once you start a cycle.
That way once you do start you will be able to just keep at it and you will get better gains with a solid plan in place that you have already been practicing.

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Starting your first cycle when body fat is low makes it very fun because you see all the gains. Starting a cycle with higher body fat ends up being frustrating because all the bloat, especially in the face, makes it look like you’re just getting fatter. There is almost always some bloat accompanied with the addition of testosterone.

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