First cycle need help

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So my name is Tim. I am new to this community and I’m still learning about everything since this is my first cycle. I am taking 400 MG of Test Cyp and 100mg of Test Prop. Also taking 80mg of Clenbuterol a day.

It has been about a week and I feel like I’m retaining water and I have a soar ankle. I’m going for blood work on Monday and I’m nervous to start Arimidex but I have been told that might be the issue.

I know some of you will be upset that I went into this blind but I felt like I did a good amount of research before starting the obviously not enough. If anybody has any advice Shoe I hope this reply is appropriate for the post.

Oh I weight 153 at start and scale is showing 163 which has to be water because I’m taking in around 1750 calories with 135g protein. Doing cardio 6 days a week and weight lifting 5 days out of 7.

Thanks everyone




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I switched your post to get you in a post to get information about your question.

Drop the test prop and the clenbuterol.
First cycle keep it simple so that you don’t run into issues and can’t identify the problem.
In my opinion the test prop is turning into estrogen faster and causing water retention.

This is literally a educated guess no facts because there are to many variables.
Run just the test enanthate and see what happens get your blood work to figure out your estrogen levels and how the arimidex works.

We don’t get upset about the way people do things here. We will always try to help but this is a difficult situation to figure out.
Did you use a verified sponsor?


Welcome brotha :facepunch:

Your going to retain some water but not much. You should have tapered up your test to about 500-600. Prop won’t bloat you. Neither would clen. Most likely related to something else.


Definitely could be estro related bro. When you say soar ankle do you mean your ankles are holding water as well? Good job on getting bloods that will be a definite answer for you. At least this way you can start to get an idea of what rate your body aromatizes. Some guys can run a gram of test with zero AI, and some can just look at the test and start bloating. It’s very individualistic


Welcome bro. First off I’d drop the prop that’s a fast acting test. Cyp is a good test at 400mg you shouldn’t get much water retention but everyone is different. Also at that low of mg you shouldn’t need arimadex unless you are experiencing Gyno (knots in nipple area) I’d also drop the Clen. Sounds like you’re wanting to gain weight being 153.

If you need help hit me up I could deff help you being that I was a hard gainer also. Main thing is make sure diet is somewhat clean


And just to clear any confusion prop does not convert to estrogen! Nor does it cause water retention. If so I’d be a water buffalo. I’m running it at 300 mg a week with zero estrogen blockers.

You are saying testosterone propionate doesn’t aromatase into estrogen in the body??

Yes that’s what I am saying.

You are wrong

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Welcome aboard! I’ll make it short for you. TESTE only. The other stuff wait till you’re past a couple years of cycles. Be careful. Read the posts. You can get a good idea of the basics members are talking about. If your trying to gain weight. Jump up that calorie count x2 good protein intake. But that depends on you goals.

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Well I’ve been wrong in life before. So can you explain to me how prop aromitises?

Well I stand corrected. I really didn’t know that prop aromatises. Hence we learn something new everyday. Sorry @Bigmurph


Its a good read about estrogen conversion. Its more for @Timbo to be honest but you know how testosterone converts to estrogen in the body. I believe that you were trying to say at 300mg test prop isn’t giving you bloat.
Check this out timbo good read.

You can search about aromatase on the site and there are many posts


No sorry brother I didn’t take offense I just was trying not to confuse timbo on his first run.
I believe that @Timbo teaming up with titan training is a good idea for him.


I can honestly say prop is my favorite and I have zero bloat at 700mg a week. 1cc a day. Likewise I have no problems with estrogen either at that amount. Other compounds yeah but not prop. My body loves it. Not everyone is the same. I saw a guy get bitch tits from 400 a week. But he most likely already had naturally high estrogen. He acted like a bitch often lol.

The only side effect I get from prop is acne. Otherwise its part of my daily when running tren A daily.


Actually to touch on this a bit more new guys should test themselves BEFORE starting any cycle to give them a baseline where they are naturally at.


The Truth

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It wasn’t as easy back in the 90s to do the things guys today can take advantage of. But we probably need a “Before you start steroids thread” to outline some things. If I could do it all over again so many things I would have changed. But now I know exactly how my body reacts and my blood work. I have a binder of blood work on and off cycle.

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