First Cycle Training Log

First Cycle Training Log

Cycle: 300mg Test Cyp weekly
(150 mg pinned every 3-4 days)
Sponsor Used: @SRx
AI: Undetermined

Goal: bulk for as long as I can stand it. Add as much muscle and strength to my frame as possible without hurting myself.

I’m going to show progress by sharing my numbers on my main lifts, bloodwork if and when I get around to it, my weight, sexual performance/libido, and my general mental and physical status. Maybe progress pics if I’m feeling ballsy

Personal Stats as of right now:
Age: 27
Weight: 197-200
Height 6’1
Body Fat: 15 % rough estimate
Squat: 195 x 3
Dead: 235 x 5
Bench: 165 x 5

Diet: I play it by ear. I aim for at least 200 grams protein per day
During the day, on the boat I Usually eat 2-3 large meals consisting of lean meat, rice or sweet potato and broccoli, plus maybe some nut bars and/or as much granola as I want.
Dinner: whatever the lady cooks, then I get in a large protein shake. If I feel depleted I’ll add in junk food after dinner to get in some extra calories.

Training: I’ve been doing full body sessions, hitting squat, stiff or conventional DL, some pushing and pulling and some accessories. This has been working really good because my schedule is literally determined by the weather, so every time I can get a session in I make the best of it.
Rep range: Been hitting some heavy sets of 3-5 reps, trying to add weight every workout. I like to add in a set or two of 6-12 reps also when I can.

Libido: medium to low. Often only feel like I need to orgasm 2-3 times a week, give or take.

Additional notes:
—Im a commercial fisherman and work hard 60-90 hours a week for 9 months out of the year (still work the other 3 months just less hours)
— I’m a father to a young son with some disabilities
—- I had been taking Ostarine 15 mg a day for about a month, but am stopping because it seems to have been giving me head aches. May revisit later.
— In high school I had squat and dead lift 330-350, bench maybe 210
—I REALIZE I AM STILL PUTTING UP NOVICE NUMBERS!! I don’t need anyone to tell me that. I’ve also been making linear progress adding 5-10 lbs to the Big 3 each time I’m in the gym.
— I have multiple reasons for deciding to take AAS, which I will share at a later date if people really care

Any constructive criticism is welcome. Just don’t be too hard on me! haha I’m sensitive.


Hey brotha all I gotta say is KILL IT! If you find it in your heart and have a little discipline any goal can be achieved. I will definitely be following along for the ride, good luck and good gains!


Thanks boss! I’m gonna post as often as I can, or whenever something notable happens. Probably won’t be as detailed as your badass log haha but I’m gonna do my best.

Appreciate the support.


I realized your not sure about AI, at 300 you might not even need but I would highly recommended having it on hand


Im looking forward to following this log especially because its your first and also because others who are going to take the dive into AAS can read this and really see what its like getting started.

Good luck and good gains brother


Thank you very much sir. I appreciate you all being so helpful with my novice questions and mistakes. Hopefully, like you said, the next guy will have access to this information.
I’m excited to make these gains and have em recorded on this log for all to read.

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hell yeah bro. i cant wait to see ur gains

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Thanks man. Appreciate you tuning in!

@Raphael3636 I have Aromasin on hand for AI and Clomid if I need emergency PCT.

I’ve got a big shopping list right now. Definitely gonna grab Nolva and HCG after reading up on Clomid ASAP, and I wanna have Arimidex (which people seem to favor over Aromasin) and Letro (which I know I shouldn’t need but figure it won’t hurt to have it.)

PLUS I wanna have some extra gear on hand. On the next one I Might try adding EQ or Deca to test if I like how this Test cycle treats me.

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Thinking about getting this Hormone Blood Spot test kit from amazon ASAP as well, it shows E2, Pg, T, SHBG, DS, C

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How much those kits run on Amazon, what do I put in the search engine under Amazon to find it?

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The one I’m looking at is 189.00 it’s called
TestCountry/ZRT Laboratory
6 Hormone Imbalance Home Test Kit Female Blood Spot

To me it’s a bargain because I don’t have health insurance and if I miss a day of fishing right now I’ll lose out on a good chunk of money, so this seems like a great idea.

I searched hormone test blood spot kit. I had to click around some as mostly saliva test kits pop up even though you’re searching blood spot.

Props to @Bigmurph recommending I check amazon for these types of tests.


That’s a good brand and its the best one to use imo brother good choice.

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Thank you for the Recommendation. Gonna order today so I imagine I’ll get it end of this week, beginning of next, which will have me at 10-12 days on cycle.

I’m more worried about checking my E and Pg levels right now, but Would you imagine my Test levels will be elevated from the exogenous sources? How long into a cycle before people generally do bloods?

Thanks man, I used to use Private MD Labs but recently they added my state to the list of ones that can’t buy

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That sucks!

On a side note, I noticed theirs an HRT DR in Florida that can give you an appointment over the phone and prescribe Test and AIs and the like, but unfortunately my state is one of the few they won’t work with. Could be worth checking out for others though?

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Good to know def gonna check that out

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Good luck and train like a beast

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Hey Brotha- this is going to be interesting so I’m in for the follow. Just some advice with this being your first cycle… Do everything you can to track and plan your diet. I feel like I wasted several YEARS and missed on alot of progress simply because I didn’t pay enough attention to my diet when I started. Throw down some egg whites for the extra protein, use clean carb sources, and don’t neglect the good fats. Throw down a tbsp of exrtra virgin olive oil for the boost in cals and healthy fat if need be. You’ve got this! Train your butt off! Eat well! Rest better!


Which states do they work with if you don’t mind me asking? Pharma grade would be dope, and I’m honestly low T natty. My doctor won’t do shit about it though as I’m only at a 350 which he considers normal for a 27 year old.

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