First log...going to try to keep it going

So went ahead and started my next cycle, about a week early but couldn’t wait!

150mg Test P
100mg Tren A
50mg adrol a drop once Morning and once Evening after food
4iu GH


1st breakfast
Nice bowl of Raisin Bran Crunch
2nd breakfast
Two packages of maple and brown sugar oatmeal
Protein shake

5 boiled eggs
Two tuna fish sandwiches

Mid afternoon
Protein shake

2 pork chops
1 whole potato
Bowl of ice cream

Went to the gym and did legs, nothing too heavy as of yet… did squats, deadlift, extensions, calf raises and leg curls. My legs are the hardest body part for me to grow so I’m going to try and work them hard this cycle


I love raisin bran crunch!

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You’re eating the good stuff for sure!

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I log my food, helps with accountability… however the last week I’ve been in a funk and it culminated with me violently raping a large dominoes bacon cheeseburger pizza, and half of a Hawaiian… thin crust though… now I feel like shit, and even further into my funk


That pizza was delicious wasn’t it!!?? Been following you brother. Don’t be discouraged.

@Dodgeball76 best advice I have for a legs hardgainer, train them heavy… especially if you’re on them all day!


I trim my heavy and they still barely grow. But it’s leg day today


Sorry brother which oral are you using I can’t remember from our talk the other day.

You have a good base to start with I really look forward to seeing your progress pictures. As long as you have a solid diet and training your going to get peeled.

Good luck and good gains brother

Anadrol is the oral…stupid spell check!


I was just curious and couldn’t remember

Under your tongue?

I thank it’s supposed to be Abomb’s not a drop


No just a capsule, it’s 17 Alkylated so I just eat that bad boy!!

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@Dirtnasty let me re phrase… heavy and with Volume… start tracking total volume, when I trained west side conjugate I would work up to my sets of 3’s, 2’s and 1’s and keep going until I couldn’t any more instead of just hitting my heavy singles until I couldn’t go up any more.


That’s how i used to do it also. Still do…doubles triples… keep going

@Dodgeball76 anadrol is great! Be careful with 100 mg/day though, I used that a lot when I still competed, a few times I used 100 mg for prep, and a few times I used 100 the day of meets split into multiple doses.


I should do
More top sets I’m adding extra
Leg work each week.


Like @JB_rD81 said… program a double and triple day. Get to your working sets and keep at it till form breaks down and or failure.


Nice, good luck.
My 2 cents on your diet not knowing your goals is the amount of “crap” in there, ie, pancakes, Raisin Bran, ice cream. Lots of sugar but not a lot of quality carbs. Ie, rice, potatoes, oatmeal. Protein seems a bit high at lunch and dinner depending on the size of the chops. Your body is only going to use 30-40 grams per sitting based upon your size. So all the extra is just work on your kidneys then you shit it out. Just my thoughts. Happy to answer any questions you may have



How’s it going brother?

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