First no heat tren brew 200/ml Ethanate

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Used 2%ba, 15%bb, and MCT carrier.


Also a big thank you to crazy steroids. Super stealth packing and very timely. Two thumbs up and their pricing is very competitive

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Let me know how you feel the no hear brew worked out I don’t home brew myself but I did a lot of research into it when I was thinking about it and I heard from good sources that letting the tren brew overnight with no heat was the best way because it’s super sensitive

I didn’t do overnight. I just let it mix on a stir plate with a stir bar set at 700rpm. Let it sit about 35-40 mins. Then turned down the stir bar to 200 because the solution looked free of crystals just air bubbles from the fast rotating magnetic stir bar. Waited 10-15 minutes and it looked completely free of crystal and oxygen other than a couple bubbles around the top rim that had yet to pop. I will update if it has any crashing or problems. Four guinea pigs will be using very shortly.


Looking delicious bro

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Man makes me wanna give it a shot. Have a buddy with a chemistry background maybe he can teach me something. Looks awesome!

Did you uses a electric stir or magnetic?


It’s really not hard. Just make sure you’re in a sterile environment and you keep all items clean! Don’t have fans blowing or animals in the house. Use alcohol and rinse with distilled water to prep glassware before autoclave or oven to sterilize. If you don’t rinse with water it will leave a residue on glass. The rest is just mixing and numbers. I made a batch of tren Hex and test e using mig840 recently and I must say I love mig840. From the stuff I have used in the past it caused the least discomfort for me to date. There is a recipe for just about anything you look for. My Hex held well at 100mg/ml with 15bb and 2ba using mig840 and test eth 300 10bb 2ba. I will be posting my finding on 1 test cyp soon.


So no heat is needed just give a ample amount of time for powder to suspend?


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