First Test Cycle Ever need opinions

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Hey everyone new to ugmuscle and the whole gear world. Looking for some advice for my first test cycle. Little about myself
28yrs old, 6’2 175 lbs. I was 205 went on keto diet lost 40 lbs now I am just skinny fat. I train hard full body workout 3 times a week with 3 band trigger sessions 4 days a week. I am a lineman for a power company so my daily life is very physical. Ive done alot of research and basically landed on Tong Huges beginner test cycle:

Day 1: front load 500mg test e
Week 1-9: 250mg test e 2/week, 250iu HCG 2/week, .5mg letrozole eod

Week 10 &11: 100mg test prop 3/week, 250iu HCG mon/weds, .5mg letrozole eod

Week 12: 100mg test prop mon/weds, .5mg letrozole tues/thurs

Week 14 day 1: 300mg clomid 100mg nolvadex
Week 14-18: 30 mg clomid every day, 30 mg nolvadex every day.

So if youve read this far i appreciate it. My question is does this seem accurate? Do I need both clomid and nolvadex? What type of HCG? Also I am in the US and have no source yet. I have a 8month old daughter and would like to have another one some day. Any input helps I really appreciate it.


From my own experiences and from giving the advice out, I strongly recommend not to overthink it or complicate the cycle. Since you’re new to this, your body is going to respond quickly. That means in good ways and bad so you’ll need to be able to have the layout nice and easy to follow and determine what’s going on with your body.

I want to lay out the cycle and PCT here in a second but I also recommend getting Aromasin over letrozole. Letro can be very reactive and harsh on the endocrine system. It’s more hepatoxic and it can straight destroy your estrogen out of nowhere, even if you’ve been using the same dose and dosing frequency. The reason is because Letro takes some time to “build” in the system. Aromasin is easy to dose, easy to track via it’s half life and is far less damaging in the long term.

I would suggest a Test E or Test C only cycle. No front load.

Test E or C
Week 1 - 12: 500mg split 250/250 M, Th

Week 1 - 12: 20-25mg a week split 10 or 12.5 same days you pin. You can easily adjust after bloods with estradiol

HCG (optional)
Week 1 - 6 250iu a week split 125/125 same days you pin

After last pin: 2 Week bridge to PCT
Stay on your Aromasin and start HCG again at the same dose as before

Week 1 - 4/5: Stay on Aromasin at 10 to 20mg a week.
Nolvadex: 40/40/20/20/10 Taper (meaning 40mg a day for 1 week, 40mg a day for another, then 20 a day… and so on


Wow thanks that seems like a lot less complicated lol i appreciate your input!


Keeping things simple and utilizing the compounds as no more than a tool for progress is the key. Keep your diet oriented to your goals and push yourself in the gym.

Oh and I forgot, Pregnyl will be just fine for what you intend to use it for.

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I was going to answer but @Ironside pretty much nailed it.

I will comment on hcg … a lot of guys over use and abuse it don’t use it during cycle unless your labs come back with low LH and low FSH … there are a rare few who do not feel right even running test and often attribute that to estrogen issues when it is LH and FSH issues


I haven’t seen my LH and FSH levels above 0 or 1ng more than twice in like a year and a half now. No real issues to note there except I’m walking around with some marbles in my pants these days lol. I already have 3 kids and I’m snipped so doesn’t matter much to me or the wife. I’m going to pick up some HCG soon after this cycle and run it for 4 to 6 weeks mainly just to avoid permanent atrophy.

some people and they are few and far between feel like crap when their levels are low even when test levels are elevated. I ve know two or three people now that have gotten scripts for hcg and protocols to run during doctor prescribed trt and it works like a dream

Hey just wanted to thank everyone for their responses and much needed clarification. I will be ordering my cycle soon still looking into some sponsors on here. My doctor wouldnt give me the hormone bloods I asked for because according to him I had “no symptoms”. I bought a $200 test online from letsgetchecked and am waiting to see the results from that before I start…also looking into a new doctor lol. Thanks again guys/gals

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You definitely should you pay him for a service and he denied you the ability to watch your health??
He is a doctor he should be doing any bloodwork you want done. In my opinion he is a shit doctor he shouldn’t even be practicing if he can’t understand harm reduction.
Sorry I don’t like doctors very much lol

Yea Im 29 and hes an old doctor and basically said if i can get an erection i dont need the blood test because my insurance wont cover it if its not for a specific reason or symptom. I gave him a list of symptoms (poor performance in the gym, feeling fatigued, mood swings, general poor sense of well being) . Guess i shoulda just said i cant get it up

Lol he would have probably prescribed you viagra or cialis instantly but wouldn’t do a blood test SMH LOL

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