First time getting my feet wet working on getting on stage

First time getting my feet wet working on getting on stage

The time has finally came. I’ve been debating to compete for years but I guess I never decided to pull the trigger because I didn’t feel “ready”. I came to terms that there was never going to be a right time. I’m 7.5 weeks out
Might end up doing men’s physique along with bodybuilding middleweight.
Currently at 175.7 lbs
Strictly been using @SymBiotecLab gear
I’m on
400mgs test cyp
300mgs primo e
50 Anavar
Compounds will switch getting closer to the show.


@Bigmurph the nice little surprise I was talking about lol

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I didn’t know that you were hitting the stage hell yeah looking good man I wish you nothing but the best and I know that you have what it takes to push forward.

Great decision going after your goal and not putting it off.
If you want to achieve something or chase a dream there’s no better time than right now.

Good luck bro and I wish you the best!

Lookin good buddy, how tall are you

Awesome. Good luck on pursuing the dream.
Wish you the best.

Yeah I wanted to post about it, only if knew I was going in all the way! I’ll be more active these upcoming weeks and let you guys know about my first time!

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thanks a lot man! Just seeing a lot other people post about accomplishments, motivated me! Including you, with your fights! Good luck to you man

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Thanks for the Support brother! Much love, Ill keep you guys in the loop!!

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Hows it going brother! Im 5’7 and will be competing at 165lbs!

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Other photos of my current physique


Looking good. Welcome to UGMuscle.

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thanks brothaaaa! Ive been a member for about 2 years, but haven’t been able to be as active as I want!


You know im looking forward to seeing it brother

That is absolutely amazing Wishing you all the best

Your waist is so fucking small, not sayin that in a bad way

Ha ha and welcome

Thanks you bro!!!Much appreciated

Yeah! Thats probably one thing, I got lucky with! 28-30 waist! That and because I’m only 175 lbs lol

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Looking good. On rear relaxed spread ur lats and get wide. Your hiding your width and detail

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