First time in a few weeks

First time in a few weeks I’ve used my smoker… been way too fucking cold in the middle of the country and been way too busy at work. Picked up a 10 lb center cut pork loin last weekend, decided to smoke it tonight. 225 for 4 hours with post oak charcoal and cherry/Apple wood mix. I patted the loin dry, scored the fat cap diagonal and basted the whole thing with yellow mustard, then mixed Kosmos Cow Cover, Honey Chipotle Killer Bee and Texas Beef all the way around. Looks like it got a nice little bark, in about 10 more minutes I’ll slice it into smoked chops


Looks good!

This is how they looked sliced. It was a 10 lb cut, I’ll have to freeze half of it, but it’ll be just as good in a few weeks


Feed me!!!

Heck yeah.

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@Rusty, come on down to Iowa bud, if the weather stays over freezing this weekend we’ll probably smoke some more… maybe ribs


@JB_rD81 you don’t mess around!

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Looks awesome

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@JLee , it’s starting to become a hobby. I rarely drink, and my wife is the biggest hypochondriac in the world, so we rarely leave the house except for work or the gym… it helps me keep my sanity.

@Kad1 thank you


Not a bad hobby it’s synergistic with lifting


looks delicious bro I been cooking a lot myself

I always have trouble with pork loin drying out. I haven’t tried to smoke it though. The cooking temperature for pork has been lowered to 145 safely though. So for lean cuts this helps a lot.

@Trollus i smoke center cut loins and tenderloins to 145 and then tent them with foil off the smoker for about 15-30 min, it allows them to continue to cook. If you’re having issues with them drying out, try injecting them. Apple juice works real good for injecting pork

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I need that, it does sound like some bite,I like jt.

Or @JB_rD81 there are other things to smoke, while your smoking.


@John sometimes I smoke while I’m smoking… gotta be careful though, some of the shit I have ruins me and I can’t even get my body to work enough to get off the couch

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Hahahaha. Then you eat more too!! I’ll be on my way to Iowa soon. Then you can get me a job at GM also lol

Iowa I thought the whole state was corn lol

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That’s how they make corn flakes bro!!!

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That’s the truth lol

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