First tren cycle. Going well so far

First tren cycle. Going well so far

Hello long time no post. Had a long holiday in Costa Rica then back to the daily grind here in the states. Here is current cycle I started after vacation. All my items are home brewed besides para’s caber I had sitting around just incase for my deca cycle.

Tren H 450/week. Split two pins per week (crazy steroids)
Test E 600/week. Split two pins per week (Crazy steroids)
Adex .5mg Ed (Crazy steroids)
Caradine 20mg/day. (Purerawz)
Ostarine 25mg/day (purerawz)
Caber .25 on injection days (paramexer)
Cycle support+fish oil daily.

Just took first week 7 pin and so far I have only had night sweats on three occasions. Was thinking of finishing cycle with masteron. Opinions/cycle criticism is welcome and hope all is well with everyone. I also had a friend tell me to switch from adex to aeromasin. I don’t drink and not on an oral heavy cycle. Thoughts/opinions on topic? Thanks in advance.

If it’s going well why change? Are you thinkin of switching from tren to mast or just actually adding the mast on?

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Mast or winny would make for a nice finishing touch, but that all really depends on what your goals are? Trying to shred up or put on a little weight. If your diet is really tight Adrol will fill you out nicely as well in the tail end

Mainly adding compounds that I have not tried to see how my body will react. I have a friend that gave me some because he claims it was making him go bald. I have never had issues with hair and think it would be a nice addition to my cut cycle. I’m finally lean enough to add a finisher in my opinion.

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Shredding up is goal. I have Winny on the fridge as well I got as a freebie in an order. I have injectable mast E and I have oral Winny. I remember reading somewhere mast helps with estrogen and I could lower my AI. No idea how true this will be for me but when my estrogen is even slightly high I get horrible backache and a moon face.

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Mast will definitely help control estro, it won’t wipe it out like am AI , bit for me at least I run my AI lower then normal when on mast


Well I don’t see no reason to not go for it then

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Both Masteron and winstrol help keep estrogen down. Try one at a time so you know how you react to each. Too bad Masteron doesn’t make back hair fall out. :joy:

Mast is kinda’ like pickles. It goes well with almost anything.

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