Firts steroid cycle test prop + dbol

Firts steroid cycle test prop + dbol

Hi guys
Can i take dianabol with mass gainer to get to the caloric surplus?

You should post up an introduction to let us get to know you a bit.

I believe that dietary supplements have their place but nothing is better than real food over powder to get your nutrition.

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Hi, who are you.

hi bro
I need some help.
I need to gain weight, I can gain weight by taking 3 times Mass gainer?

Maybe it depends on your body I can drink mass gainers all day and not gain a thing

What’s your body like skinny fast metabolism

Yes, I have a fast metabolism I want to start taking Dbol but I have to eat to increase a lot Now I weigh 80 kg, 2 years ago I was 59 kg I can no longer increase so much.

How many cals you packing in a day

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Calories from actual food

Just a guess if you don’t know?

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Be nice to know what you plan to achieve also. Like you want to go from 180 to 200 etc etc.
How long are you thinking of running d bol. She you going to do a cycle have you ever done one,? Do you have pct etc


Welcome aboard brotha, listen man you wanna get big you gotta eat big, you can take all the gear in the world, but if your diet is shit your gonna look like shit. Just being straight up with you brotha, if you have any questions click my avatar for ways to get in touch brotha, I don’t wanna see you get hurt by just running gear

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I have a problem
I was about to order from napsgear
but for customs clearance problems
no they ship in Italy
same thing in steroidify​:man_facepalming::man_facepalming::man_facepalming:

Make your own gainers from real food brother- eggs, banana, peanut butter and milk. Stick it all in a blender and throw it down your neck. It will work out cheaper and your minimising eating processed crap.

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There’s a few sponsors on here that I’m sure can help you out, do a lil research brotha

Welcome man if your trying to put on weight just eat high fat/ carbohydrates foods. Every 2 hrs eat no matter if your hungry or not. Eat until you can’t stand eating then you will have enough. I wouldn’t worry with the mass gainer not drinking it will allow for more caloric dense foods. To me mass gainer makes me sick as hell.

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