Fitraver gains and goals 2017

Fitraver gains and goals 2017

Okay here’s mine. I’m sitting exactly at 200 as of this morning. I got 8 weeks left on this blast of dhb and test then 6 weeks of cruising before my cut blast. Not the best timing for a contest since I’m mid bulk and just continuing to bulk haha progress is much easier seen on a cut, but hoping to post up and get some more people to follow. I would say my goal is to add another 15-20 lbs and if somehow possible still have slightly visible abs haha, but they’re already almost gone so idk about that haha.

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Here is my scale pic for the contest. I was exactly 200 this morning but I forgot to take a pic so I could only take one tonight after eating all day so I was clearly heavier than when I normally weigh first thing in the am after pissin

Okay here is a scale pic in the morning right after waking, no food, and after peeing for my official weight to start the contest 20

Decides to superset my arm lifts today. Amazing pump. Forearm still slightly aches but has been a little better. Not hampering my routine.

11/1 - Biceps/Triceps/Abs/Cardio (Bens Mass Gain Routine #1 - week #5)

supersetted bi/tri today

Barbell Curls: warmups: 40x15, 50x15, 60x15 … working sets: 80x12, 80x12 (going for 8 but no 85 so stuck with 80), 90x8, 90x8 (going for 6 but no 95 so stuck with 90) (rest pause (5-10 deep breaths) at end for 3 more reps) (slow reps, control negative and squeeze at top for a pause) did drop set. Is week vs rest pause for 50x10


Close Grip Bench Press (overlapping grip): 95x15, 115x15, … working sets: 175x10, 185x8, 195x6, 195x6 (rest pause (5-10 deep breaths) at end for 3 more reps) (5 second negative all the way down, squeeze out)

Single Arm Spider Curls: 20x15 … working sets: 30x10, 35x8x3 (wouldn’t have been able to get 6 with 40s so stayed with 45s for as many as I could) (rest pause (5-10 deep breaths) (really squeeze at the top and hold it for a few seconds, control negative down)


Dip Machine: 110x15 … working sets: 225x10, 240x8, 250x6, 250x6 (rest pause (5-10 deep breaths) at end for 3 more reps)

DB Curls: working sets: 30x15x3 (full solids reps, squeeze the piss outta contraction)


Tricep Pressdowns: working sets: 195x20x3 (heaviest it goes) (slow negative and squeeze fully out)

Single Arm Cable Curls: 35x15x2


Single Arm Cable Kickbacks: 15x15x2

Mat Crunches: bwx25x3

Leg Raises: Bwx20x3

Side Crunches: bwx20x3

Uphill Walk: 25 minutes

201.2 today. Full rest day for me. Can’t wait to get this npp. Hopefully late next week. Should be able to get in about 6 weeks of it before cruising.

Is UK on vacation… The USA part is all weird. I believe it says closed til 1/11/17, but is it 11/11?

I am guessing that meant November 1st bro. I don’t really rep for him anymore, but I just checked out the site and I think it’s how they do their dates across the pond. Day then month. You should be good to go.

I am trying to spread it around, I guess you opened it up… Why not rep for them? OK, I see with the date. I mean I understand if you don’t want to be negative.

It was no bad reason that I stopped repping. He just is not on my home forum anymore and didn’t need me here cuz he hasn’t had much activity. Pro M is his main forum and he has a rep there. So I still try to help out if I see a question here on his stuff, just not officially repping.

Morning guys! 201.2 again. I have officially started the Var. Hopefully my bloods I get back next week aren’t too bad haha. I’ll be doing 20mg am and then 30mg preworkout. They’re the 10mg tabs. I’m thinking my npp should be here later next week for me to start. I wanna run it 6 weeks so hoping I can get it by Thursday cuz that would give me exactly 6 weeks until I leave to go home for Xmas and that’s when I plan to start my cruise so I don’t have to bring stuff with me but my test.

Hitting fasted cardio now, then work, then back attack tonight.


200 this morning. Not happy. Skipping my 25 min fasted cardio. THis weight is pissing me off. Legs later today. That’s all.!

Do you think its the cardio or maybe a hydration issue?

I would definitely think cardio first also but how is your hydration regimen?

Hydration? I drink a ton. Almost 2 gallons a day. Def not lacking in water.

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Well might be pissed about my weight not moving but I just had one hell of a leg day!! PR on squat at 375x6 twice, and then pretty much fully stacked the leg Press, seated leg curl and lying leg curl.

11/4 - Legs (Hams)/Calves/Cardio (Bens Mass Gain Routine #1 - week #6)

Squats (wide): warmups: 135x15, 185x15, 225x15 … working sets: 350x10, 360x8, 375x6, 375x6 (did drop set of 135x25 instead of rest pause because difficult lift to do this with no spot to help)

Leg Press (high/wide): warmups: 270x15, 450x15, … working sets: 900x10, 990x8, 1080x6, 1080x8 (going for 6) (rest pause (5-10 deep breaths) at end for 4 more reps)

Seated Leg Curls: warmups: 130x15 … working sets: 230x10, 240x8, 250x6, 250x6

Lying Leg Curls: working sets: 185x10, 190x8, 195x6, 195x6

Cable Stiff Legged Deads: 100x15-20x3

Seated Calf Raises: 90x20x4 (lower all the way down, explode up and old contraction for 3 seconds)

Smith Machine Calf Raises: 155x25x4 (lower all the way down, explode up and old contraction for 3 seconds)

Fasted Uphill Walk: 25 minutes skipped this week

Definitely not

201 this morning. Hitting fasted cardio now then it’s Sunday muffin time. Deep tissues massage and then gym later for shoulders. Happy Sunday!

Blasted some shoulders!

11/5 - Shoulders/Forearms/Abs/Cardio (Bens Mass Gain Routine #1 - week #6)

DB Shoulder Press: warmups: 35x15, 45x15, … working sets: 75x11 (going for 10), 75x11 (going for 8), 80x6, 80x6 (did a drop set of 45x15 instead of rest pause because difficult lift to do this with no spot to help)

Hammer Shoulder Press: warmups: 45x15, 70x15 … working sets: 90(each arm)x10, 95x8, 105x6, 105x6 (did a drop set of 45x15 instead of rest pause because difficult lift to do this with no spot to help)

DB Side Raises: warmup: 30x15 … working sets: 50x10, 55x8, 60x6, 60x6 (rest pause (5-10 deep breaths) at end for 4 more reps)

Cable Front Raises: warmup: 7.5(each arm)x15 … working sets: 22.5x10, 24x8, 27.5x6, 27.5x6 (cage rack - both arms at once - neutral grip and lean forward with arms starting behind the body … hold pause at too for a second then slow negative)

Cable Rear Delt Flyes: 17.5x15x3 (cage rack) did single arm peck deck rear delt Flyes 100x15x3

Bent Over Rear Delt Flyes: working sets: 45x10, 50x8, 55x6, 55x6 (rest pause (5-10 deep breaths) at end for 5 more reps)

Seated DB Wrist Curls: 20x10x2

Seated DB Reverse Wrist Curls: 10x10x2

Decline Crunches: bwx25x3

Leg Raises: bwx20x3 (straight legs)

Cable Side Crunches: 70x15x3

Fasted Uphill Walk: 25 minutes .

Morning guys! 203.2 today!!! Whoooo new high! Unfortunately a new week means Monday :frowning: work is set to be insane this week ughhh.

Chest workout coming later tonight!

The DHB train is rolling!! Got 115s today on dB Press for a solid 6 reps. I never dreamed I’d even touch those big fuckers. I think previously the most I’d attempted was 105 before this week and last. Strength is increasing daily still.

11/6 - Chest/Cardio (Bens Mass Gain Routine #1 - week #6)

DB Bench Press: 40x15, 55x15, 75x15 … working sets: 105x12, 110x9 (going for 8), 115x6, 115x6 (did a drop set of 65x15 instead of rest pause because difficult lift to do this with no spot to help)

Incline Bench Press: 95x15 … working sets: 195x10, 200x8, 205x6, 205x6 (did a drop set of 135x15 instead of rest pause because difficult lift to do this with no spot to help)

Decline Hammer Press: 70(each arm)x15 … working sets: 130(each arm)x10, 140x8, 150x6, 150x6 did 135x10x4 this week cuz I worked in with a guy and used his weight

Peck Deck Flyes: 225x10, 240x8, 255x6, 255x6 (Seat all the way down, focus on upper pecks, slow negative and open palms at contraction hold it for a pause)

Pullovers: 50x15x2

Uphill Walk: 25 minutes .

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