Fitstudboi gains and goals 2017

Fitstudboi gains and goals 2017

hello i hope i am doing this right but my goals for this contest will be to make noticeable physical change as far as loosing fat and begin to see definition in various parts of my body…i am looking to really cut down the hanging stomach and tighten the legs for starters . this is sort or general i know but at the same time not …i am starting out with alot lol! as u see. so based on what you see now my goal is to make significant changes for the better by getting more defined…from very obese…to obese to very fat…to fat and so forth…i am looking to get to the fat part where i can fit comfortably in a waist 38 right now i am at a 44. i was bigger i have started my journey. if there is any thing else needed to be added in descriotion or if too broad help me to narrow down. looking forward to this challenge


No doubt brother welcome to ugm
When I started my journey I was 260+ 38%bf so I definitely know where your at and its definitely within reach you can hit every goal you have set and more if you really want it just takes time.
If you wanted to add a little more to your goals set a weight that you would like to be at in 3 months. You could also just add a shotof the scale that way when we go to judge who is closest to there goals it can be a little easier for the judges.
If you ever need anything hit me up anytime im always here to help.

awesome! thank u so much! i will use the scale. i ususally never do the scale and just go by looks and how stuff fits because i have been there with the scale ansnthe numbers can mess me up. for example previous attemps i was doing so good looking awesome cloths fitting better dropped a few sizes and i got on the scale and it barely said i dropped 5 lbs…then after a bit i had gained weight it seemed though i haf plateued ao i should have been the same weight. though i know it was muscle because i was lifting every gym session to also gain muscle…i was still looking for that major reduction in numbers and it didnt happen so i got derailed lol! but i will def add the scale and try that as a part if my routine again…and think differently lol! thank u so much i am looking forward to making nice changed with the motivation of the contest and i am even more excited to see the other contetsants transformations​:grinning::grinning:

Muscle mass is much denser than fat you will definitely be able to see the scale actually go up while losing bf. I was very confused about this at the beginning when I started hitting the weights again.
Its not a requirement to add the scale just something that a few others have done.
Judging from pictures is difficult sometimes be will make it work

oh no…i am adding a scale pic once i get home from work😀

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@fitstudboi I think your deleting it when you try to edit it

I finally gave in and took my first shot of test that my doc prescribe 1 ml shot weekly. I have another blood test in two weeks. hopefully he will increase after this. I have not been taking my bottles because I wanted him to increase the dosages but I told him I have been taking ofcourse lol!!

He is giving me everything else buproprion, not taking that. I want nothing that needs to build up in my system to begin to start working and not know if it will even work, nothing that may mess with my brain chimicals and cause irreversible issues. I asked for adderall. He gave me levothyroxine ups those from 50 to 75 low dose. I am not taking them didnt take any of the original dose either. I am not trying to send my thyroids in a spin down hill when its at a controlable state and repairable naturally.

He gave me hydrocodone for pain he did up the dose on those to 10s i am taking those but sparingly but they do as an added affect give me the adderall feel.

I have severe osteo arthuritis is both hips. They even mark me as canditate for double hip replacement. I am way too young for that and i can put that off for years yet. With severe weight loss and strengthening and solid muscle mass, I have been there i know it will work.

Most likey I did a lil more damage this time around but itle be alright. I have Herneated discs in l4 l5.

I have depression anxiety and lack of motivation caused by the injuries ans very low test.

I have have had these injuries for a long time but I have gained alot weight because of all that . lots of major ups with weight and then downs. Those have taken me from my self and the weight makes life hell but at the same time those injuries have made it difficult to work out as i would like to and need to as well as perform in my job which is very physical. talk about catch 22 right? i do home remodelling landscape design and intallation.

Propper weight and strength is important once i loose and strengtnen beleive it or not all those injuries and issues minimise greatly some even as if they are not there. I am determined. I beleive in the body and its intended purpose. It is a awesome thing.

I have come up with some processes to get my self back but the doc refuses to listen. adderall is a stimulant and helps me feel vibrant and willing and focussed and something I have discovered for me I can use at will when I really need it. Adderal worked the best as well as provigil, modafinil or like.

The amount of test he gave me I tried and found it did some stuff but not nearly where I was and so I decided I needed larger. I beleive everything is interconnected inculding thyroid. My object is to get the turbine started and then once it starts spinning nicely enough I will become self powered again. I have done it before.

Your help or advise will be greatly appreciated and a better and very safe route for my need as you may recommend other that what i may have stated.
Any connections to reliable safe source that would cater to any mentioned above would be greatly appreciated. I am determined once and for all to get it right and keep it right and finally not have to walk like the penguin lol!!

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I’ll be honest after my injuries in the army. I did a year an a half without doing anything. I gained a bunch of weight and then got super depressed and starved myself. It was really bad. A buddy of mine saw my condition. And was like dude there is so much more life can offer you. Gotta get up and do it man. So I started working out and liked what I saw. Once I got to were I was I stared cycling again. Now I’m back on the right path. You can do it man. You have it in you to achieve anything you want. All it takes is that first step.

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@Bigmurph can you enlighten him or steer him in the right direction.

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oh for sure. i need to get this done and pretty solid this time. being here will be very helpfull i know

I think you’d be perfect for PSMF diet. Itll help you drop the fat very fast but you need to learn how to cycle it back into your regular diet when done.

Everyone is here to help you where they can.

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i have nooo idea what PSMF diet is i will go look that up lol!

ok. i looked it up and i am doing sort of that i have cut out most all carbs except coffee and creamer sweetened…and i do only have salads…but i will have to really lower the protein and fats so all lean ok…now the ketosis deal…i was always told and read that the body first pulls from muscle before fat…so i would loose muscle density and mass before fat. this idea is a different result where it uses fat first?

this will be here tomorrow!:smiley::smiley::smiley::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

A PSMF is different from ketogenic diet. You need to be weighing your meals and calculating how much you are taking in.

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I messaged you a book download and a login to figure out your meals and what you can eat. Use that if you want to try it. You dont even need to read to book just follow the link on top one and stick to the plan to start. Read the book later.

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awesome!!! thank you​:smiley::smiley::smiley:

took my first test shot see how things go😀

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lmao I was just trying to read that and having a hard time with lack of paragraphs before you edited it lol :wink:

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i am a rambler forgive me lol!!!

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