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hello i hope i am doing this right but my goals for tgis contest will be to make noticeable physical change as far as loosing fat and begin to see definition in various parts of my body…i am looking to really cut down the hanging stomach and tighten the legs for starters . this is sort or general i know but at the same time nit i am starting out with alot lol! as u see. so based on what you see now my goal is to make significant changes for the better by getting more defined…from very obese…to obese to very fat…to fat and so forth…i am looking to get to the fat part where i can fit comfortably in a waist 38 right now i am at a 44. i was bigger i have started my journey. if there is any thing else needed to be added in descriotion or if too broad help me to narrow down. looking forward to this challenge

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Welcome to ugmuscle.is brother glad to have you around

thank you so much i am glad to be here i am excited about getting results. this is going to be a awesime journey of transformation for me once and for all and get my old self back again.

Welcome bro. Glad to see you in the contest. Excited to watch your progress.

thanks man u are starting off looking awesome i am motivated to be around such dedicated people. this will definiately help greatly in my changes for the better. i am looking forward to seeing your transformation😀


Welcome brother. Hope you get settled in well.

thank u so much i am looking forward to learn first off how to maneuver around…i accidentally hit dismiss on a couple thing i was trying to reply to and cant find them. earlier this morning. but i am excited i have found an online environment that will boost me. i am in a mad dash to get myself right again.

Yeah im not gonna lie it took me almost a year to really learn everything I can do with this site.
Its a little difficult to figure out but touch the f circle up top that will allow you to touch your name which will bring you to your account. There are 2 drop down boxes you can set up your whole account through those boxes it will help out alot setting all those preferences and everything up.


I been on here about a month or so I’m still trying to figure it out. Lol. Can’t wait to see your progress.

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