Flash Labs NFL game of the week Contest

Flash Labs NFL game of the week Contest

FLASH⚡️LABS NFL Game of the Week
Win $100 off your $300 order.
The winner must use their winnings by November 15th.



Predict the final score
DO NOT COPY anyone’s prediction that was posted before you.
You MUST choose the winner correctly.
The difference between your guess for each team, and the actual score, added together shows how many total points you were off.
The winner has the winning team correct, and the smallest amount of points off from the final score.
Once the game starts no new posted scores are valid.
Previous winners ARE eligible to win again.

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Vikings 24 - Chiefs 17

Just to be funny.

CHIEFS 24 Vikings 17

@Big_Bo44 :joy:

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Lol those look like the two most likely outcomes.

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vikings 20 chiefs 14

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Are we in the right topic lol, I see another one and somebody picked your score as well

Got to be on this post. Mine was the second one put up. For sure.

I posted it in two places because nobody was posting scores in the flash labs section.

I’ll have to go by time stamp to see who posted the scores first if there are repeat scores.

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Vikings 17-10. Posted it in the other post too

Vikings 27 -20

Damn it. :joy:. I thought I knew what I was talking about. :joy:. Let me know if I need to repost a score or not.

It’s all good, guys.
If two people post the same score and that score wins then both guys will win since it was my mistake to post the thread in two places.

This will be a real good match up!
I’m rooting for KC.


Chiefs 28-17

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We have a 3 way tie this week.
This means all three of you win $100 off your next $300 Flash Labs order.
You must redeem your winnings by November 15th.
All 3 of you predicted KC would win.
All 3 of you were off by 8 total points.
Congratulations to:

  • Campbell0866
  • BBSQ5
  • TBU

Please email Flash at [email protected] and tell him you are one of the 3 winners of the NFL Contest today.


Congrats guys!!

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hell yes guys. can’t wait to see ur flash porn

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Woohoo!! This is awesome! I am loving this board and appreciate @Flashlabs and @johnjuanb1 for continuing to off we these great contests.

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I’m I winner?? Nice!! I’ll get on it shortly.

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