Floyd Mayweather (TBE)

This is the man I model my fight style after. You may or may not like him. But when it comes down to fighting he is the best to ever do it.

The defensive prowess that is often associated with him is only a small portion of this man’s fight style.

He’s ring I.Q. and the ability to download data on fighters through the first few rounds and then basically win the fight easily.

In his earlier days and the beginning of his pro career when he was fighting in my weight divisions 130-140 was when he was at his best and most dominate. As he got older he got smarter and adjusted to a more safer definitive style of fighting.

Even at 40+ the guys jab still stoked like a Cobra
Here’s a few videos I’d like to share with yall1526889356794.mp4 (951.2 KB)


1526889356794.mp4 (951.2 KB)

@TrenGod or @Bigmurph why won’t it let me uploaod videos?

This really is true pound for pound and honestly I believe that he could beat much bigger fighters also.

The crazy thing is I have spoken with him before and he isn’t really educated. When it comes to boxing though his speed and reaction combined with the sheer amount of power he can instantly throw is amazing and all of that takes an amazing thought process to set up the chess game he plays his opponent with in the ring

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I honestly believe if Triple G came down to 154 which is heavy for Floyd. Floyd would beat him fairly easy if not embarrass him the way he did Canelo

I agree
I believe that there is no one right now that could beat maywheather. He is getting older though and I believe that he will retire soon. Unless another huge payday like with McGregor comes around.

He’s already retired and said the only way he fights again is in the octagon. Hrs been training with Tyron Woodley

Trying to upload some videos but it won’t let me

1527760142362.mp4 (6.7 MB)

Can someone help explain to me how to load these videos?

1527760142362.mp4 (6.7 MB)

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Okay I’ve tried everything idk…

1526889356794.mp4 (951.2 KB)
1526889356794.mp4 (951.2 KB)

Its the file size
Your best bet is to post a link to the video

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