For every order over $75 you can choose one of this products for free

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For every order over $75 you can choose one of this products for free.

  1. Tne
  2. Tren spray
  3. Test spray

Offer valid until friday. only on new order’s.


Great deal UK! Hope to see some UGM memebers get in on this!

Now you could get you tren spray thrown in free @Bigmurph :wink:

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Wow great deal @Ukgear I’ll deff be ordering soon. I’m completely stocked up at the moment but I will be ordering some specialty items. Come on UG members deff jump on this. I want to hear some feedback on TNE and tren spray

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We will have 2 TNE new logs here soon.

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Is there an offer code that has to be used at checkout?

No just include it in your email order! Or put it in notes on the site!

Roger that!

Last day.

Today is Thursday here bro :slight_smile: they have tomorrow too!

Edit: just saw you said “until” so only good thru thursday and not Friday then?

Yes bro,its Thursday also here… :wink:


Fair. You win haha

Okay last day!

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@Ukgear @Fitraver hope you got a good response from your post. Looking forward to hearing how people like your product.

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@Ukgear any orders coming in yet from here?

Mine went in already!

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Thank you!!

No, thank You for all your help!!!

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i will be checking you out my next run. and i only run shorts. , so. when this over . ,
ill be on you next. , …

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Hell yeah bro.

Ships from where?

It’s international bro.

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