Forum updates and look

Hey guys. Will be making some changes on site. So if looks messed up. Don’t worry. Will have fixed soon.



Oh what the fuck I see different colors, I’m all outta sorts, now I gotta go fuck the dogs, and kick the woman.

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The color change isn’t drastic lol. I’ll probably tighten that up later. But for now if you refresh will see topic and thumbnail preview


But whatever you did, thanks for all your work on the site @TrenGod

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That latest page looks really good but the color is something that my eyes are still adjusting to lol


I love this new layout, my eyes definitely still adjusting as well but I like it. Good job bro

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So im going to be honest this update is amazing. I can preview every picture from a post clearly and easily read a preview of the post.
I really like the new look

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CENSORED has tracking and photos of products being shipped which is very impressive and more importantly products that give intended results.

You can’t post that here you need to go into his category

My bad. Stupid but true thanks lol

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