Free samples for 3 guys

free samples for three guys. just be free to contact me if you are interested in raw powders.
Pure powder for all customers, HPLC test report can be provided.

[email protected]

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Interested here. JLMK when you have time.

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Def interesred. Approximately 10-15yrs in the game. Would love to try a sample and give a feedback with bloods. Message or email me with any questions.

I am interested in raw powders and ordered some tudca and t4 this weekend. However I was waiting to stock up when you got Ostarine back in stock. Are these new products or some of what is currently available on your site?

Fit i love you brother but let @SemperFi handle something like this.
If he feels like it needs to be addressed he will let them know.

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@Rottweilerman @Doctor_Zhivago

We appreciate everyone participating and we look forward to hearing introductions and it seems like you guys have alot to offer and I would love to hear some of it


I have sent an apology to both of them. My bad.

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I appreciate that

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Oh no I’m feeling like the promo whore I used to be…I didn’t know any better​:disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved:


Free samples of what?

what samples are you interested in ?

hi friend, what samples do you like ?

what do you like ?

I will send PM to you, please check.

Didn’t get your message, but I sent you a PM of what I’m into. LMK if you’d like me to review any of the following or if you have any other items not listed online.


Maybe willing to try out the new Asian ED semi natural med: Huanyangjian

Sorry I don’t brew my own gear, capping up powders is as close as I get to the lab as far as steroids go.

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sorry we do not have huanyangjian. How about these two sampels Oxitriptan and Mesterolone ?

I’ll shoot you a PM.

PM sent.

Yeah, the Ltheanine and some Oxitriptan would be a sweet sample. I will cap up some cocktails for bedtime.