Free TRT Bodybuilding Body Transformation DVD Series

Free TRT Bodybuilding Body Transformation DVD Series

Here is a link to Skip Hill’s TRT Bodybuilding Series. Several hours of viewing and possibly some useful information for you.


Great info ty brother

Transition from cycling to TRT

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@Burrr I thought of you on this one.

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Is that why you skipped right to chapter 11?

I have watched every episode and 11 provided some information concerning RBC’s and elevation on/off gear and I thought this member would find the information useful… he is probably already shoveling snow at his elevation.


Thanks for the video.
My experience has been about the same. My very first cycle saw my hemo numbers geot dangerously high (20.1) but now I average in the mid 17s. I think my body adapted over the years and is used to the elevated test levels
I still donate blood routinely, and can fill up the bag in about 6 minutes, lol. pretty good viscosity.


My last time donating, I managed to give a pint in 6 minutes 7 seconds! A buddy went with me and drew in at 7 minutes 6 seconds… it was a little competition that started at work

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I just watched this and it places my TRT philosophy in a tail spin.

@Burrr I thought you would like to hear this.

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So I’m guessing this same thought process would apply to EQ?

And I guess my biggest take away question would be… what’s the harm in doing it still? I dont plan to stop giving blood because it helps others. Perhaps if there are people just getting their blood drained and dumping it they dont need to. Even if not necessary because it won’t cause thickening of blood and issues, what’s the harm in bringing your RBC/hematocrit back to normal ranges. He didn’t seem to say that when supplementing with test that you need to keep your levels higher for some reason.

Def good to know it’s not as much of a concern as once thought though. But I also don’t see the harm In Still keeping stuff in range.

I am not changing my routine and certainly not from the opinion from one doctor. One I know nothing about. It was interesting info nevertheless.

Donating blood is beneficial to the individual and to someone in need so my mantra holds true… Gains are measured by how much you give away for the benefit of others. :wink:

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My thoughts exactly. It would be interesting to see studies more tho.

Ive got some content to watch other then the second season of Ozarks
Thanks SF

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The ozarks 2nd season is great you’re going to enjoy it


It was so good.

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I have not personally.

pretty much the same thing my wife’s doctor said.
I do have to say that a steroid cycle versus a trt dose may change the need for a phlebotomy. When I donated blood during my first cycle I had a hemo number over 20 and very thick blood that was difficult to fill the bag with. I may have been a little hydrated, but the viscosity was problematic.
I seem to have adapted over the years and rarely have a hemo number over the mid 18s.
Giving blood every 8 weeks is okay for the general population, it certainly okay for those of us making extra rbc’s.


These are great. The information in here is priceless. Thank you for sharing. Definitely implementing some of this with my current equipment on hand.

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