Frustrated over diet and would appreciate experienced opinions

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This may be abit long but would like to give all the facts and apologize for this. Having trained seriously for near 25 yrs straight I injured my cervical and lumbar areas of my spinal cord. 6 surgeries later I am now attempting a come back and will be satisfied with just being healthy. To make a long story short 10 years being immobilized on my couch had a very unhealthy effect on my body. Health wise prior to my problems I was at 5’6" 190lbs with 8% bf. As years past I lost the muscle and my weight ballooned up to 235lbs.
I began training again 5 months ago and have lost approx. 45 lbs yet every week it seems I lose energy and strength as well I can’t seem to lose my .belly (though it has gotten much smaller. I’m strict with my
HRT using sust 250 instead of enanthate every other week. Am as well using 20mg/ml of cardarineand keeping my diet at 1800 calories or less. I’m looking forward to doing a nice cycle and again putting muscle. My question is how many calories can I go up to and lose weight yet gain muscle? Also how would this effect my belly as this is where all my remaining fat is? Or is it best to stay at 1800 cal i’m doing?

I really have come to believe that at your assumed age and " supps" you want to do, the way is to strip the bf first. You should be able to keep muscle especially since you had such a long layoff. Maybe, even look at it as gaining muscularity. Its an illusion as you get leaner you look more muscular. I don’t care for numbers but if you base it on your LBM, you shouldn’t get catabolic. Let’s say your 150 LBM. At 10% bf you can look good, even 8 if you can before you increase a few supplements and gain a bit of muscle. 150 x 110%= 165 to 170. Feed yourself around 14 kcal per 150. So, let’s say 2000 kcal per day and let your training cause a deficit, protein at 175 x 4= 780, possibly cycle carbs, so day one 100, day 2 150 day 3 50, day 4 350 with a cheat meal and that day you’ll go over 2000 but you can cut back on protein. So, day 1 will be protein + carbs= 1180, then fats can be 80 g approx or if you feel it up the protein from really lean sources. There are so many ways to keep body guessing. Consistently following this should easily lose 2 maybe all fat per 8 days. Its how the shell of most diets are then you’ll fit it to yourself. Then if you can be 170 at 10%, next year maybe 174 at 9%… I m guessing at the weight you are and like but you get the idea… There’s more and guys on here have good experience so take what u need and leave the rest. Good luck

I started at 260lbs a little over 2yrs ago first thing was diet had to change it completely if it wasn’t alive and breathing without any processing I didn’t eat it.
Then intermittent fasting helped alot roll out of bed straight to cardio then I would pre pack or atleast pre plan all meals took about 8 months and I was at 190lb ready to run my first cycle in around 12yrs.

I really believe that your body gets into a habit because humans are creatures of habit if you don’t retrain your body completely it wont change no matter how much work you put in because it still believes that it needs to stay the way it is.

Your on trt you say every 2wks a shot of sust thats crazy you should just go with a little higher amount of testosterone undeconate this will stop the hormone roller coaster I believe that you might be experiencing.
Any nolvadex or AI prescribed by the doctor with the sust or self prescribed?

Reading your story about no energy or motivation I believe could be 2 things
1 sust is 4 different esters so you are constantly peaking then falling down
2 your estrogen levels might be too high or too low

Let me know about AI or if self prescribed
I might be able to give you a little more advice.
But your doing great dropping 45lb that fast so its definitely low test in my opinion was the original issue. Now just getting your levels right and then you can eat and lift and not have to starve yourself maybe add some proviron get you feeling younger and free up some test.


Your understanding concerning Sust for TRT is incorrect. Sust injection timing is 11-14 days for a specific reason. The longer you are administering it on a set schedule the more blood serum stability that will be achieved. Injection timing has very little to do with the ester. The concentration design was done according to blood serum levels over time and the esters were chosen to provide that release timing. It’s a common misconception because many are looking at it from a cycling stand point vs. a long term commitment.

Have you had your thyroid levels checked recently? Calories in vs. calories out plus the source of your macros are going to determine your body composition over time. A simple proven concept is to only eat whole foods and avoid simple carbs and processed foods. I highly suggest avoiding a crash diet. Success is greatly increased using a long term dietary change mindset. Create new habits and in a short period of time the results will be seen in the mirror. Once you have established habits on how you eat you are no longer dieting but living the healthy lifestyle.

Most do believe that sust has been considered a failure in trt. I understand what they were trying to do when they developed it back in the 70s or 80s but what is known now is that the undeconate is the power behind sust.
Even when charted the peaks and valleys are huge on the graph thats why almost everyone that runs it for non trt is injecting ED or MWF even my last cycle running sust I inj MWF and could feel for the first 6 wks the roller coaster of ups and downs.
The undeconate is all thats really needed after 6wks IMO thats why bayer finally developed neibido which in my opinion would be great but the label prescription method for dosing is inconsistent with the testing ive seen. They just have the injection timeframe spread to far apart.
I might be a little biast also because I really dislike sust as a blend in its original form. I like some of the newer so called sust blends with test e and c and phenylpropionate I believe that even though pp is a heavy ester and takes away from the strength the e and c are a great balance. Undeconate in a trt situation IMO is the best ester to use its just getting the serum levels up to where they need to be then keeping them stable that’s the hard part and also if you are prone to gyno its definitely not a friendly ester.

Good information. You taught an old dog a new trick. I certainly agree that sust lost in a popularity contest and that undecanoate is an excellent choice for TRT.

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What was the original question? For this poster diet and exercise is the key. I doubt any endocrine problems however some insulin sensitivity possible. He stated a good fat / weight loss with stubborn belly fat. Describes everyone over 40, which I’d guess low here. 25 years training plus 10 off w/injury… 35 right there. But, really who knows what the injury, the sedentary level, pharmaceutical intervention has done to metabolism. If its as easy as test blood levels, mine were great on androgel 5% from isreal. 50mg per application twice per day. 100 mg a day. Or prop 100 EOD and suspension 50 on other days. Less poking with topical. :grinning: a hefty dose of drugs plus diet and training, then yes its possible to get back your previous muscle with losing fat. Not with what you described. I believe look at the mirror and do the things that will facilitate fat loss. Then build back up, again keeping eye on waist and fat percent.

Sust for trt

Would like to thank Bigmurph,mmuscle, and Semper FI for there advice. Old dog can learn new tricks lol. Thanks again guys

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