Fucked up by a CA remailer

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I got fucked up by a CA remailer, trusted him so much, and would have sent him alot of powders, and alot of kits of HGH for him to reship in US if he could follow our instructions, leaves our US customers no customs problems, do domestic shipping for our customers, but this remailer just stole 3 parcels and disappeared.

Now I have to reship all of the 3 parcels, but don’t worry, we have a very reliable shipping channel now.

Mine was one of those packs and I can attest to Alex’s level of professionalism. Not only did I NOT have to chase him down but he was actually reaching out me to see if I had gotten my pack and to notify me of the reship without even asking.

I know I haven’t been on here often lately so I don’t have a reputation on here however I’ve been around since the start of UGM when there was only a couple of sources and I’m very happy I chose to go with Alex for my raws. Quality raws and customer service. This is how it’s done.

Me and alex have spoken about this issue and he quickly took care of everyone without question. @AlexYang is a solid reliable src he is definitely Verified.

I will also confirm this @AlexYang is always on top of issues. We had a minor issue on my first order. He was always in communication with me and would address issues before I had to bring it up. He’s definitely some that is very trust worthy.

I’ve also taken Alex under my wing to teach him short hand text :joy::joy: he’s a good student and is catching on quickly lol.

Thanks bro for being a solid guy. In this game it’s very touch to find people that aren’t out to fuck you.

Thanks for all of your support, I just want to do honest business, no cheating and no run away, take responsibilities which I should.

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