Ganabol trash sponsor raws

If you want straight trash get from this asshole. He won’t seal bags properly and they melt all over inside of box. expects you to scrape shit off a cardboard box and use it because he is too fucking stupid to pack stuff right. Straight dumbass told me it was wrong time of year to order test eth but crazy steroids sent fine. Bob from pure raws sent fine… just this fucking idiot cannot get simple things complete. Took forever. Only reason I got suckered by this trash was his “deal” he was giving out… all I got was screwed and stupid remarks as to why it’s not his fault.


Here is was wasted money looks like from this prick. Sure his oils aren’t made safe either.


That’s fuckin trash! @Bigmurph can you take a look at this please, this is unacceptable at UGM IMO.

Guys please pay attention to the sponsors profile before making orders, he is on the do not order list. This is out of @Bigmurph 's hands as Ganabol is no longer a sponsor here.


It wasn’t recent. He takes his sweet ass time this order was from his test promotion

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My dog wouldn’t even eat that

Wow what the fuck?? How did that even get delivered. Sorry bro

I’d use it.
Just a little humor. I got a dark side. I am amazed that even was delivered. Usually you get a letter or notice on a leaking package and they shit can it. Really amazed you even got it. Sorry you got FUBAR’d on that box of shit.

Bro, what the fuck. How did the post office not flag that as a fucking bomb or something? Jesus

I’m honestly surprised they let it through as well, I’ve had legal liquids leak in the mail and they held it, searched it, tested it, and notified me

That’s amazing that it even made it to your house!!! I got one like that from Yihong labs. It was packed in CENSORED that leaked everywhere and the sus packaged in a ziplock baggie that had holes in it.

Here is the actual picture. Everything sealed in a plastic bag, then in aluminium pouch on the top of it. Test enanthate has a low melting point so it melted. He arranged the picture he posted so it looks like trash. Of course.


What the fuck, who are you? First post on this board and your saying a reputable member here rearranged the picture to make it look like trash? Get the fuck outta here with that shit


It’s Ganabol bro. He just changed his name so he could come back and try to defend this shit show. I’m gonna let him stay for a little bit though so we can try to see him defend this and bury his reputation even further. It’s like hes using a fuckin oil drill to dig his hole hahaha

@PHD @TrenGod @Islandswole

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Hahahahaha nice try bro. Member didn’t make your junk gear raw look like trash you did. Refund his money this is unacceptable and pure garbage. What a joke


Yeah, that is me ganabol. I got banner from here by trengod because I questioned your capabilities as a trainer. So I can’t even defend myself. Good for you guys. Keep talking to each other here.

No you got banned because you apparently thought this was eroids where they let members be complete fucking assholes to each other and talk shit to the staff. We don’t maintain that type of atmosphere here and we won’t allow it. Especially from a fuckin source!


Yeah, I see the high level of conversation here. For example:

What the fuck, who are you? First post on this board and your saying a reputable member here rearranged the picture to make it look like trash? Get the fuck outta here with that shit

The example above illustrates what you just said. You don’t let members to be assholes to each other.

Oh it’s you again lol still running that cock sucker. You think you’re a better trainer??

This isn’t about me this is about your shitty product and service. So be a man and own up that you fucked up and make this shot right. When you make it right we will possibly think about letting you back but if I have anything to do with (which I do) you won’t be. I’m a staff member so watch how you talk to members and staff

Being your first post and him not realizing who you were, I can see and understand why he responded like that. Looked like a new guy jumping in to defend a shitty source. We’ve seen that enough with another source that we banned for shit like that.

It doesn’t matter what the person did with the picture. It doesn’t negate the fact that you shipped shit that busted open and then tried to say it was the other individuals problem and not yours. If you weren’t banned last week, you would have been banned for that any way. Say you fucked up, fix it and move on. That’s what a good source would do. Instead you decided it wasn’t your fault or problem.

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