Garage gym set up, what’s yours?

Garage gym set up, what’s yours?

Quarantine changed the game for a lot of us in regards to the gym. My house won’t depend on a gym for lifting again. I know some of you have said you wanted to start building up the home gym, and some of you already have it set up. Figured we could share our set up or give some ideas to those getting it set up. I’ll show you mine, if you show me yours!


Sweet setup, I can do all my compounds but I miss all the back machines and leg press

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Definitely miss leg press and back machines.

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I’d love to just build a garage specifically for a gym, maybe when I fall into a buttload of cash.

Like the setup!


That’s an awesome set up! Wow! That’s everything you need.

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Damn you have a better setup than I do im jealous lol
I will post mine in a bit

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Ha it helps that the wife wanted the gym just as much as I did. That’s a diy reverse hyper I can try to find the plans if anyone is interested.

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Honestly I wouldn’t build it but I think that its cool as hell that you did and I know someone will come around and love to see the DIY way.

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Agh. Can’t post links here. I forgot. The wife found it on Pinterest. DIY reverse hyper for under $100 was the title.

I added some extra bracing bc I didn’t trust their plans to hold 200+ lbs. works like a dream though!


It should work now

Here’s mine. Pretty basic, but can get in some pretty decent workouts.


Ahh you are a wizard.


Nice! Can def put the work in!

I’ve heard amazing things about these. Never tried one though. Thanks for the post!

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I’m thinking about getting an airdyne bike. Any recommendations?

Whatever you can find at a garage sale! Haha that one is an old Schwinn that we found on facebook. They are all equal in terms of torture. The electrical components are bad on just about all the used ones, I just use the Tabata timer app on my phone. So my only recommendation is don’t pay full price!


Any input on this guys? He said everything works
Got him down to 200

That looks just like mine. I think we paid less but the electronics didn’t work. I think that’s a good deal. I can promise you it I’ll torture you. I say go for it.


I remember the other day you said that you had a schwinn but I thought it was just a regular bicycle I didn’t realize it was your cardio bike lol

I say if it works well when you get there go for it don’t pay more than $150 really break his balls to see how many offers he is getting and try to wiggle him down on the price. Mention that the dial is missing and just the age itself. You want to make sure that the seat doesn’t go right up your butt also you can get a great cover at Walmart though if its a problem it was with mine lol


Haha yessir. That bike is hellacious. Will humble you quickly.

I mean if you can haggle him down less, that’s always better. It sounded like you already got him down on the price some. Cash is king, so wave $150 in cash around and see what he does.

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