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This is probably the most highly over rated source I’ve ever known. I ordered 2 decca 2 tpp 200 Proviron. I was also given a vial of npp.
First the vial of npp i used it in my last cycle and compared to the thorin I was using from it was incredibly weak. I thought ok its not easy to find really good npp. Then I started my next cycle and used his decca well because of I lost 8wks of my cycle to his garbage decca. I switched to thorin decca at wk 11 and 3wks later im really making gains now. I even cut my dose to 400mgs instead of 600mgs. I also was taking his Proviron when I run Proviron I get only minor acne. Well this cycle I had really bad acne i thought it was the sust i was taking at 750mgs. No it wasn’t i switched to dragon pharma Proviron and I have very minor acne 3wks later. Do not spend your money on this gear. This src is rated in the top 5 on 2 other sites. He has great customer service great prices and his shipping and packaging was great couldn’t have been happier. His gear though isn’twhat I expected at all.


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You can’t trust the top sources on most sites. They are only there because they pay the site owner more. Sorry to hear you lost out on that.

Yeah I got taken for sure I read a ton of reviews before I ordered and they were from solid members. I really wonder sometimes if alot of guys using gear really don’t even know what good gear is.

Most dont. I remember back about 8-9 years ago. I ordered some Tren from a source on a board and everyone was hyping them up online. Was pure shit. Clear and watery. Didnt do crap. I complained and got slammed for it. Then some other guy posted a picture of a vial he sent him and had a hair in it. Everyone was still hyping him up and saying the other guy must have opened the vial, put the hair in and crimped it back up. Stupid fucks. About 6 months later he exit scammed everyone there. So fuck them.

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I’ve seen this story a couple of times now on another board. Its frequent and im glad that are srcs are solid. Not fly by night Operations

Most of the forums do charge a fee for rent as they call it to even be a src on there site. They charge more to be in the top ten and its more money the higher theyare ranked.
Here at ugm we pride ourselves on the fact that our srcs don’t pay for verification they just need to keep being solid legit srcs with good gear and shipping to thier customers.

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