GearChurch gear review with labs

Has the product been used?

Yes, TPP/NPP blend, and EQ.

*brief description of review

350mg of tpp and 350mg of NPP and 600mg of EQ for 14 weeks. I had solid clean gains through the whole cycle.


Good pastor and LDog were quick to respond, and easy to communicate with.

*Delivery (T/A) & Packaging

TA time was less than a week. Packaging was secure and made no noise when shaken.

*Items enquired

Tpp/NPP blend, TPP, NPP, EQ

*Product effectivenes and experience

I used this blend for a forum competition and was able to completely recomp myself amidst covid lockdown. I leaned out, and gained mass and strength.

*Additional commentary

*Rate with 1-10

Communication - 10

Product effectiveness - 10

*Would you recommend this sponsor?

Without a doubt. GC has been nothing but a top notch sponsor from start to finish and everything in between.


This one is for you @Stratfordave lab work and everything!

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If you use test products your going to have a good time


I swear his test is super dosed. We’ve talked about it multiple times.


Thx bro! His test iso is one of my favs!! I actually spike my trt pharma test cyp with it…lol


Which test did you order from that lab? If you don’t mind me asking

Tpp! I used their blend. But my wife uses their TPP for trt.

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Lol I meant the blood work. They have numerous options for testing.

Oh. I went with the full men’s panel I believe. From quest.

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Thank you my friend.

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Did you ever see my booods I posted on 760 test e

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Shit was high as he’ll wasn’t it?

I mean my free test was only 1700


Bahaha yes only 1700 :flushed::flushed:

That’s a great number for how much phenylpropionate weighs i thought at that dose you could be closer to a trt number.


I did too! I was quite surprised. I think GC doses his test up to super strength. :joy::joy:


Im sure that he makes sure that its no where near short.


Forgive the ignorance, but someone school me on the difference between TPP and test prop. Thanks.


Its timing phenylpropionate vs proipinate its a day or 2

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