Gearchurch independent reveiw

Gearchurch independent reveiw

This is an independent review for Gearchurch

*Has the product been used? For how long?
5 weeks

*Brief description of review
This is an independent reveiw for a great sponsor

*Communication & Ordering process
On point always received a reply within 24hrs. Ordering process is straight forward and as easy as Amazon
*Delivery (T/A) & Packaging
3 days , very tight and secure packaging.
*Items ordered
Tren/Mast Blend 150
Winstrol 50

*Product effectivenes and experience
Man is this gear fire. First off the dosing on the blend was absolutely perfect for my needs. Was pinning .5 ml ED (75 Tren 75 Mast). All the classic signs of legit Tren were there, and the Mast was on point. Let me say though there was a little bite to the blend the day after, but that was expected at those doses for a short ester. Anyways the blend really dried me up nicely and kept me hard. Winstrol was potent. Normally I would run 100mgs a day up untill my shoot, but with GC Winstrol 50mgs a day was just right. Left me nice and grainy. I’d like to mention that I experienced zero appetite suppression, which is awesome.
*Additional commentary
Gearchurch is a real down to earth sponsor to deal with. This guy really takes care of his clientle and our well being. I order 50mg Winstrol and was sent 10mg Winstrol on accident. Which is totally fine, were all humans after all. Well without hesitation @Ldog and @GearChurch got this figured out for me within the hour of me receiving my pack. That day a new pack was on it’s way to me and in 2 days at my doorstep. Not only did GC send me the 50mg Winstrol but 2 vials of Sust. Now in my book that speaks volume, not only did he make things right but he went above and beyond to satisfy me. So I just want to thank @Ldog and @GearChurch for getting me squared away.

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*Would you recommend this sponsor?
Without a doubt GC in my books is one of the best here at UGM


Thanks for the kind words. We appreciate you.


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