Gearchurch reveiw Tren and Superdrol

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Tren Ace - 5 weeks
Superdrol - 4 weeks

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Honest reveiw on Gearchurchs products
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On point, always replied with in a few hours.
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5 days total from donation to door step including weekend
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Tren Ace
Product effectivenes and experience
Well I cant comment honestly on the Sustanon because I just finished another sponsors Sustanon and it was still in my blood. As far as Tren Ace, superb, I was running .75 ml a day, roughly 525mg a week. Very smooth, no pip, did get Tren cough few times and the metallic taste so that’s always a plus in my books. Now for the superdrol, man was this stuff strong! I started out with 10mg a day and tried bumping it up to 20mg, but there was no need too. Within the second week the sdrol totally filled me out nicely, cut water, and vascularity sky rocketed. Even my wife was like godamn baby your f
ripped! This was one of the best orals I ran aesthetically speaking.

*Additional commentary
All in all great sponsor, and look forward to the future with these guys when I come off cruise.

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Communication -
Payment processing -
Order processing-
Delivery -
**Shipping packaging-**10
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Absolutely with out a doubt.


Thanks for the review brother

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That’s a great review also because the gear was good but I believe that you are one of the first people to actually get it right when writing the review and deleting the right part.

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