GearChurch Review Week 4

****This is an independent review. I was not paid or compensated in any fashion for the following review.

*Has the product been used? For how long?

I am on week four of a Test E/ T-BOL cycle. I am running 500mg/wk Test E and 50 mg T-Bol split 25/25 daily.

*Communication & Ordering process
On point. I emailed the rep and within 12 hours I had a response. From my initial e-mail to delivery was 4 days.

*Delivery (T/A) & Packaging
Tight packaging. Nice labels. 60 hours from payment received to delivery.

*Items ordered
2x Test C
2x Text E
500 mg T-Bol
50x 1mg Adex
50x 20mg Nolva

*Product effectivenes and experience

I will get bloods in 2 weeks and post. Currently I feel great, have sensitive nipples, want to fuck 5x a day, and look fuller in the mirror. All subjective I know but my experience with gear over 20 years says this is straight up legit.

*Additional commentary
No pip. I pin 1 cc every 3.5 days and have ZERO PIP. Sooth oil. Draws easy and shoots better.

*Rate with 1-10
9± no one is perfect!

Communication -
Payment processing -
Order processing-
Delivery -
Shipping packaging-
Product packaging-
9- old label on T-Bol but I got a response on my question in 30 minutes and all is well !!!

Product effectiveness -

I have used Geneza products exclusively for about 5 cycles and GearChurch is as good if not better based on subjective response to the gear.

*Would you recommend this sponsor?

100%. I am about to place another order.


Thanks for posting a review. I’m glad to hear our sponsors are taking care of our members. I’m sure they’ll be glad to have your feedback as well. @GearChurch @Ldog

Thanks for the kind words. Enjoy and welcome home!

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