Geek’s Test is Best Cut


Yep, it’s time for me to do my first log! I’ve been a member here for awhile, but now you’ll be seeing me on the reg as I log my daily workouts and talk about what’s happening.

The Goals

  • Establish and maintain healthy eating habits.
  • Lose 12 pounds of fat and keep it off permanently.
  • Journal my daily progress in this thread.
  • Complete an entire macrocycle of my lifting program.
  • Learn to balance test/estrogen levels.

The Plan

My plan is to try and form better habits so that I can maintain my physique for the long run.

For a long time my fitness journey has been the defined by booms and busts. I’ll do really well for awhile in terms of adherence and then crash out and start eating junk/being sedentary again.

My last bust wasn’t so bad — I stayed active in the gym and only regained 20 or so pounds after my mass cycle last summer. I kept almost all my size but lost a bit of strength I’m hoping to gain back.

I want to break the cycle by finding the best ways for me to adhere permanently and by getting in the habit of journaling this stuff here.


I’ll be taking it relatively easy on the gear this time, although I reserve the right to futz with the plan for the gear in the future since I’ll be on it for so long.

  • 200mg/wk test
  • 100mg/wk mast
  • 100mg/wk tren
  • 900mg/wk super test (450 2x) [07/18/2020]

This isn’t intended to be super aggressive — just enough to maintain and maybe eke out some gains.

Update 7/18/20

Having issues sleeping so, I’m pulling the tren and changing to a test only approach so I can learn to get this estrogen dialed in at a high test dose. More details in this post.


I’ll be doing my nutrition using the RP Diet Coach app. This wonderful little app lets me plan all my meals very easily and does my macros for me.

To facilitate faster weight loss overall, I’ll be taking diet breaks at least every six weeks. A diet break will consist of a single week of maintenance macros. After my second cut on this cycle, I’ll do a couple months of maintenance before ending this log. The goal here is learn to properly maintain and get used to eating healthy long term.


I’ll be using RP stuff for my lifting as well. They make really dope male Physique templates that calculate your weights and intensity for the entire program. The program itself consists of 4 meso cycles:

  1. Basic Hypertrophy Mesocycle (Cut)
  2. Basic Hypertrophy Mesocycle (Cut)
  3. Metabolite Mesocycle (Maintenance)
  4. Resensitization Mesocycle (Maintenance)

Each of these mesos is ended with a deload except for 4, which is an entire 3 week long deload period to get me ready for the next program and ready to gain again.

My diet breaks will coincide with my deloads and my maintenance phases will coincide with mesos 3 and 4.


Lots of walking. I wanna figure out how to get 10K steps in per day, so I’m getting a step tracker. I’ve already got a good walking habit in place but it only gets me to 6k steps so I need to figure out the next 4K steps.

Why walking? According to many experts, it’s the best way to lose fat without compromising gains/muscle.


This time I’ll have much better social support than I had previously. My partner and I are mostly aligned now in terms of health and nutrition so that makes it a lot easier. I’ll also be living just with my partner very soon and no roommates will be around to eat my food or bring bad foods into the house.

I’ll also be journaling my progress here and on my Instagram.

Wish me luck! :slight_smile:


Looks like a pretty solid plan. May want to revisit the compound doses a bit. In my opinion the mast is so low I’m doubtful it’ll do much for ya


Get after it. Following along.

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Today’s lunch!


Im so excited your back around im definitely bookmarking this following brother going to read everything now

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Andro mix definitely getting cut up you got this cycle for sure those goals you got this do we get pictures this time?

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Interesting lunch not normal love that

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Nice, looks like you got a thorough plan. Emphasis on the Thor part. :grin:Good luck on your gains bro! Oughta see some decent results using Zues’s urine aka Tren lol

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Probably not? Not super photogenic right now — Greek for “im a fat ass” :joy: That said! If this log goes well I will be in pretty good shape by the end of it, so who knows?


I’m really looking forward to seeing the results on tren long term. :slight_smile: I tried it last summer and absolutely loved it.

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Your going to cut up for sure but I can understand no pics

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I highly recommend an air fryer. Fries errrry day for lunch bro! Best way to get your carbs imho


The wife got one im getting used to it



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Today’s update: not much to report on today. The log will officially begin Monday, but I’ll be eating the same meals this weekend that I will on my cut, so you’ll get a bit of a preview.


No doubt

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How old are you if you don’t mind me asking?

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Not young!

Welcome to the club! We got room come on in.


Yep! It’s a big part of the reason I’m doing low and slow — it’s harrrrd to lose when you’re older.

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