Geek's Big Guns Recomp

Hello again fit fam! I know I’ve been quiet lately here over the holidays. This is because my program has been on cruise mode here until today – my next cut. I made a lot of progress last cut. I lost 8 pounds and kept 5 of it off. Most of it came back here in the last week and a half or so though, so I expect that to drop relatively quickly. So let’s get to it!

The Goal

  • Lose 12 lbs in 2 months (56 days).
  • Stretch Goal: Lose an additional 6 lbs within 14 weeks from starting date (deadline: Apr 10 2022).

The Plan


Nutrition will be handled again by RP Diet App. I’ll be posting my stats up here periodically.


Coach has recommended 120 minutes of cardio per week. I’ll be doing C25K and after that I’ll hold steady at a 4 5K runs a week.


I’ll be running the RP Male Physique Template 6 day version with a Shoulder/Arms emphasis. It still has a good amount of sets for other body parts, but special emphasis on the shoulders, traps and arms. Almost every day is upper body day! Lots of fun in store plus a nice upper body pump every single day. Looking forward to some change here and also looking to help create an overall better shape by emphasizing my upper body size over my midsection as I continue to lose fat as we move towards summer. Also, I feel like my pressing muscles are a bit on the weak side, so some extra shoulder/tricep work is most welcome.

I’ll be posting my training daily during my blast mesos.

As before, training will take place in four Mesocycles followed by a bridge:

  1. Hypertrophy 7 weeks (cut) [BLAST]
  2. Hypertrophy 7 weeks (cut) [BLAST]
  3. Metabolite Focus 5 weeks (recomp/maintenance) [BLAST]
  4. Resensitization 3 weeks (recomp/maintenance) [CRUISE]
  5. Chest focused bridge 5 weeks (recomp/maintenance) [CRUISE]


I’ll be titrating up my dosage steadily over the course of this blast. Numbers are TestE/BoldU/MastE weekly.

  • 1/10: 200/300/300
  • 1/24: 200/300/400
  • 2/7: 200/300/500
  • 2/21: 200/300/600
  • 3/7: 200/300/700
  • 3/21: 200/300/800

Total blast length will be about 18 weeks. As you can see, the amount of mast I’m injecting will titrate up to help with estrogen side effects since I tend to generate quite a bit of that. Since I’m so tolerant to high volumes of test, we want to try out the boldenone and see how I respond to it. I expect boldenone to be pretty good to me based on my experience with high test.


  • 2 IU Growth Hormone/day in the AM

Non AAS Pharma

  • Metformin 1000mg/day
  • Cialis 20mg/day
  • Nolvadex 25mg/day

The nolvadex is to continue to try and redistribute some fat around the body, protect against gyno and as a general long term health solution.



  • Creatine 2400mg
  • Aspirin 50mg
  • Slo Niacin 500mg
  • Vitamin C 1000mg
  • Vitamin K 1000mcg
  • Mens Multi Gelcaps


  • ZMA 1 cap
  • Chromium Picolinate 400mcg
  • Vitamin D3 5000iu
  • Fish Oil 4g

Progress Reporting

Progress pics will be provided every two weeks during work mesocycles. Along with that, weight (rolling average) will be provided, along with RP Diet App stats and Weight/BF trendlines from the scale. Weight and BF will be tracked by the bathroom scale/app and by a 9-point caliper test to take place weekly. I’ve got a nice set of calipers coming here Wednesday and I’ll update my starting stats accordingly. First set of pics will drop this sunday with the first progress report.

Starting Stats

  • 237.2 lbs
  • 23.4% BF (according to bathroom scale)
  • 6’0"


This will get me pretty lean, but not quite to beachbody levels of body fat. To really see some definition, I’ll have to run at least one more cut to get me from 225 to 213. This should get me quite a bit closer to my penultimate goal of being right on the edge of exotically lean. If all goes as planned, this should take another macrocycle or two to achieve after this one is complete.

Here we go!


Today’s Training

Front delts, side delts, triceps

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2 n a quarter at 6 foot will be pretty lean.

213 would be great


@Poppy Yeh I wanna get into a place where I can bulk/cut comfortably. Most experts in bodybuilding think that’s around the 10-12% BF range.

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Whewww 10-12 is getting on down there!

I would like to say I might see it again one of these days…probably-ish not-ish

@Poppy Haha well either way, I gotta get thru this cut first!

Looking forward to seeing your progress man!


Yeah Buddy! You plan seems solid. Pretty ambitious. I’m excited to see how it goes


Sounds like a solid plan man. Lots of moving parts. Hope you crush it though. Only thing that made me think twice was the nolva 25mg a day. Taking that for that long may lead to some unwanted sides. I would cut that dose a bit if they’re tabs.


Hey what’s the reasoning behind aspirin?


I think it helps reduce the blushing from the niacin

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Low dose aspirin is recommended by many docs to help thin your blood.

It’ll help at the onset of a stroke or heart attack.

Many folks me included are on dr prescribed daily low dose.


Yes I have heard of that for people with higher claughting risk. I was just wonder if that’s why he was taking it.

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Sorry buddy. Didn’t mean to talk down to ya.

Poppy please don’t be concerned with talking down to me. My skin is so thick you could sharpen a knife on it.



Sometimes a lot gets lost in the cyber conversations.

99% of the time I would be smiling during these conversations if it were at the kitchen table.

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On that same note. I’m not sure when my doc recommended i start the daily low dose regimen. I’m thinking in my early 50’s along with regular donations to keep blood a little thinner. My blood was so thick…I would hardly bleed from anything less than a large wound and even then it clotted up quick. Doc jokingly said I would have to get blown up pretty good to bleed out.


Today’s Training

Rear delts, biceps, traps


Today’s Training

Front Delts, Side Delts, Triceps



First couple days back to C25K have been smooth so far. I run in Vibram Five Fingers, so my biggest risk is increasing my mileage too fast and striding too long. Striding too long has been fixed by modifying my running mix from 180 to 190 bpm, so now I can just coast thru the next few days as I bring myself back up after the holiday break. I started off at the end of week 3 and felt fine, so yesterday I did end of week 4. This morning I took a walk. I’ve been over 10k steps all week long. :slight_smile: