Gen Z and Millenial Guys Love Their Steroids


They all forgot leg day…


Even my leg I just had my hip replacement on is bigger than those assholes toothpicks. I never understood why anyone would want to be a top heavy skinny jean wearing dork, wrapping their knees to squat 95 lbs on a fucking smith machine and squealing like a pig getting raped by a bull when they do leg extensions with 35 lbs… it’s a disgrace


I’ve never even heard of this, whatever the fuck it is

Tell us how you really feel @JB_rD81 … I think that’s what I sound like sometimes

I see this shit at my gym every fucking day. These guys have no clue how to lift/train, or diet, no desire to put in any hard work or time, no interest in learning how to do any of it, but “hey man you know where I can get some test, or even better …tren?”

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Ha ha yeah and I’d answer him by sayin, yeah buddy I can get you some test, for a 120 a bottle, like my dumbass use to pay


@John, I’m pretty straight forward. I’d rather tell it how it is than say something I don’t mean or believe in to spare someone’s feelings… kinda gets me in trouble at times, but so be it

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I’m with you on that, my wife likes to remind me, that I don’t always need to say what’s on my mind, and I actually don’t, but I say a lot.

Haha, my wife says the same thing!

I think people just have different goals now. I don’t like to make my legs to big because it makes wearing a suit impossible, but they do have some ridiculously disproportionate leg sizes.


Some fighters don’t like big legs because they can slow you down. Jon Jones is one I can think of and he was actually catching grief about them in his last fight.

Meanwhile everyone else is catching his elbows

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And eye gouges…

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A lot of guys add on size to the legs really fast and easily. It makes it hard to make weight. My trainer is a former olympian and K1 champion. He never works out his legs besides some squat jumps for explosiveness and other body weight leg workouts that focus on exploding off. He has thick legs naturally already.

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