Generation Iron 2

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Hey brothers,
In case you were not aware the new Generation Iron 2 documentary is on Netflix. I thought it was pretty good; kinda strayed from the first one, but still had some bigger names in the industry. My man Kai was in there so that made it worth watching alone. Sadly, Rich was in there too; RIP big brother. Check it out if you guys haven’t had the chance yet.

I definitely need to check it out ive been waiting for the chance to watch it.
I didn’t know it was on Netflix im going to check it out tonight

I may just watch this today since I’m off!

Lucky you lol

Man I hated this one… definitely not a fan of the new producers, seems like none of them are even into the actual sport and simply picked up on trend to be popular. Follow any of their social media pages and you’ll see what I’m talking about, definitely not knowledgeable.

So I got on and watched it the other day and it was alright something I noticed is I felt like in the first movie the guys were lifting more weight while working out
I also saw @PHD buddy Brandon curry looking amazing.
King Kai I just can’t believe that he hasn’t won an Olympia yet he is a beast while just training let alone on stage.
I enjoyed it

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