Geniric hgh has anyone had issues uwith talking generic hgh rather than pharma grade

Geniric hgh has anyone had issues uwith talking generic hgh rather than pharma grade

eniric hgh has anyone had issues uwith talking generic hgh rather than pharma grade. I will be experimenting using some soon my plan is 1.5 iu at night to start then 1.5 mourn and 1.5 at night 5 days on 2 days off until I run out.
I ordered the hgh from our new verified src which is wehormone. Alex is a good guy if you’re going to use hgh i would check him out or one of our other

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Thanks for your order, Bigmurph.
As you see, our GH is in top quality, only price is much lower.
Anyone else who wants to try, please PM me and I will follow up.


Looking to order couple kits of hgh. My email is Thanks

Its Bigmurph I took down your email because a thousand scammers will all email you. Im going to invite @AlexYang here and he will help you out I will also post a link to his email
Be safe if you ever need help just post @Bigmurph and I will be happy to help with anything

Here you go remember that there is a little language barrier so don’t use slang type proper English so it translates correct. You will be extremely happy this is the hgh im going to start running after new years at 2iu and I have 2 kits of his dbhhgh . The price compared to quality no one can beat and if anyone would like to submit samples of genetic hgh to compare @AlexYang his hgh will blow there generic away.
Good luck let me know if you need anything


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Thanks bro

Have you tried it?

Totally A plus service. I have tried hgh on 5 occasions, never worth what I expected. Protropin, the first 192 in late 80s I actually responded to. There are so many thingsvthat can go wrong with shipping, etc. Godtropin was giving me results at 8 iu and was inexpensive but stopped working. I love the oh" you have to run it for 10 years then it’ll work" isn’t that convenient?. I only use one American saizen 75mg total and I felt it but was too much money. Actually mk677 from buypeptidesus. Com at 25 to 50mg for months with ipamorelin 500mcg at night and 4 weeks at a ytime of hexarhelin 100mcg x 3 times daily. That helped with keeping me lean while eating a lot. Back to Alex yang, he replied fast to every email and went out of way to get me his generic. I just started, but vials pass every “eye” test solid disk that looks larger because its 4mg per vial. Approx 14iu. Thevvials are vacuum packed and suck the water from syringe. All vials are exactly same. All vials should be vacuumed, that why you pull back 1cc stick it in a vial of test and it should auto pull. Most pha products are that way. Air in vial can cause degradation. Put 2 cc in a carpuject of morphine and it will explode. I totally recommend the dbhgh and will order soon. After 150 emails, a capture, I would of refunded me. But Alex is very sure of product and knows I just wanted a good experience. Hopefully a long one too.

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Though I can’t understand what you trying to explain totally, but thanks for your kindness.

Good to know still working on getting some of Alex’s dbhgh. Hopefully soon

Used a lot of shit, Alex yours is the best so far for whatever reason… See simple

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I getting ready to order from alex DBHGH what did you mean for what ever reason see simple i am new to this site

Throw up a intro so everyone can get to know you brother. Let us know you stats, goals, experience, and any question you need answering. A lot of knowledge here they can help.

Alex DBHGH isn’t a verified sponsor.

If he is interested in advertising he should contact the email for advertising.

Ummm if this is same Alex I hope we aren’t letting him back he owes me a lot of money

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