Getting Back On A Cycle After Years Off

First off…you guys are way more intelligent than we were decades ago about steroids and cycling and from I have read, are doing everything right. I have 9 months until I turn 60 and I am on a mission. I’m a type 2 diabetic and on trt of 100mg a week. I get blood work done along with doc apt every 90 days for blood sugar and liver/kidney function, cholesterol etc. I was referred out for trt. As usual the doc doesn’t check E levels of any kind so long as my test stays below a 1000 he is ok with it. I said all that to say this. I’m one of the lucky ones. I haven’t gotten gyno or crashed estrogen over the years (reg doc checked 10 years ago when i was stacking 1 gram test a week with dbol and eq). Always felt great. Always had bacne…to this day. I’ve probably put almost everything available (in the 80s) in my body.

I want to do a 12 week cycle soon to see how I react. My thoughts are:

12 weeks of test c @300-400 a week pinned twice

12 weeks of [email protected] 500mg

Weeks 8-12 anavar @30 a day adjust up slightly maybe.

I would like critique/guidance on this. I get 100 mg a week in 6 month supplies of test c. I have never dabbled with the designer “blends”. I’m not afraid to mix test “safely”.

My goal is to use this cycle as a test to get as much as possible while erring on the side of caution. Doing another cycle (hopefully) mid summer. I would like to build as much lean muscle as possible with emphasis on harm reduction for my age.

My diet has been great for the last 3 months and i have dropped aprox 10lbs of fat. I’m currently walking around at 205 at 5’9”. I train 3-5 days a week.

Please notify me of any rules I have broken for the sight.



Man that looks like a decent cycle, primo and var are probably good for getting back on the horse because they are a lot less likely then other compounds to present side effects. Doses look good to :+1:

Me? I’d be more concerned with type 2 diabetes on cycle. I would probably have reservations on saying what’s good for cycles on type 2

A little more about myself. I did 4 years in the Marine Corp. Traveled around east coast on my Harley Davidson for a couple of years. Settled down kinda…married two kids. Worked at same job i just retired from with 32 years. Working as a govt contractor now. My wife(2nd) and I pulled a one year old baby girl out of a shooting gallery/crack house 5 years ago and have legal custody (reason for working still). The adoption is well on the way. I have a very nice home gym with equipment from one of the top suppliers.


@TBU. Yes sir. That’s why I’m a little cautious. The 1 gram @ week of test with dbol was done as a diabetic. I’m my own worst enemy…cleaning up my diet now. I have pending blood work. Oh i donate blood often also. That helps everything.


Your cycle above looks great its something that I have personally run I just stretched it to 20wks.
I don’t believe that you should do this though there’s so much medical history with diabetes and everything from the 80s that I honestly can only say because I don’t have the medical knowledge to take in all the variables.

Primo ,var and test should be one of the safest cycles but my boy @NeuroRN said it best when were putting together cycles there really is no safe cycle because the meter starts at dangerous.

I worry about even just blood pressure from the increase in testosterone. I honestly have many more concerns. I believe that the best way for you to go about getting back on is going to a doctor tell him straight up this is what I plan on doing and I want to do it under your supervision.

I don’t want you to believe that this is about your age either I believe that you are 60yrs young brother and have so many left to go but I worry that an underlying condition that you might not even know about can be there and this is why I really recommend to have a sports doctor or hrt,trt clinic that can take you from your trt dose and start to raise your testosterone over time and then if you want to start adding in other compounds slowly raising there levels to see your bodies reaction if there are none than go for it there are guys here that are your age cruising on test/primo but everyone is different and were big on harm reduction so we want you to reach your goals safely brother.

Good luck and good gains


I think you are on the money with this one. I think finding a doc that you can be honest with and tell him what you’re doing and then allow him to manage is best case for you.

Baseline cycles are dangerous, like murph reminded us here, you have secondary Health issues that makes a basic test and primo cycle elevated from baseline dangerous.

Personally I wouldn’t run anything until you had your a1C down to 7 at a minimum.

What was your last a1C?

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@Bigmurph @NeuroRN @John

I’ve been reading thru this sight for a while now and one of the guys said “harm reduction is keeping each other from doing something stupid”. Spot on. I surely appreciate the help/advice. Like i said before you guys have it dialed in WAY better than we did.

My A1c 98 days ago was 8.1. Down from 8.8. Waiting on lab results now. My doctor of 25 years; wife died last week. I will get in to see him when he gets back in.

One of my many big mistakes in life was getting out of the Marine Corp. i liked it and was good at it…just did my time and got out…honorably.


My condolences about your doctors wife brother and thanks for your service I gave you a veteran tag.
I can imagine its a hard time for you but you are part of our community now and we are all brothers and sisters in this community. We are very glad to have you here with us.


I assume @Bigmurph you gave him his bet tag I can’t see it.

Same here @Poppy, 4 years, 0311, 3 tours. I always think about what if I stayed in, or rejoined,then again I might be dead, so here I am bullshittin with you…

Its actually not supposed to be under his name I put it there but if you click on his avatar you will see veteran tag there we usually only put tags under a name after awhile but is it written correctly? That’s an honest question?

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@John yes sir. I was a 2531…humped a prc77 … I was a single marine and volunteered for every deployment and meu. I’m cracking up. My lingo is probably been antiquated! Do they still call the marine corp “the suck”?

@Bigmurph cool tag brother! Thanks!


Ha ha yes

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Ok, I forgot how it worked, but yes you got it, thanks @Bigmurph

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@John ’m 2nd generation. My dad was a career marine e6 until a booby trap blasted his legs in vietnam. I was 7 or 8 when he came back fubar’d. He just gave me all his stuff for safe keeping as he is coming up on 80. He was med discharged and driving a big rig with a purple heart and got a letter drafting him. Thats too funny. I have the letter!


I would keep working to bring it down, looks like you’re making good progress on diet and health. I would keep that up and work to keep your A1C down. And once you’re in the habit of life that keeps your a1C down… then look at running a cycle. At least that’s my thoughts.

Nice, my dad was Army, so yeah I wasn’t.

That is a awesome memento to have.

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