Getting this intro out of the way

Just getting the basic intro out of the way, 40 in couple of weeks, 21 years lifting experience, fat as fuck. Just got recovered from diaphragm surgery in January, have recovered most and in some cases even increased my strength since getting back to training in March. Have ran 3 cycles in the past, one in my 20’s which was half assed and i couldn’t even tell you what i used, and 2 in my 30’s which were a little more well researched.

Looking to hop back on the train and looking forward to picking everyone’s brains in the upcoming weeks.




Welcome aboard

Welcome, great place here, plenty of knowledgeable and tips to be shared, don’t hesitate to ask questions

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I don’t know if this is the appropriate place to ask this kinda question, if not let me k ow and I’ll post it in the appropriate place.

So i am a fan of longer more moderate dosage cycles. My plan for the upcoming cycle is 20 weeks, 500mg test e, 300 mg deca, and 125 mg dbol the first 10 weeks, switching to anavar 100mg per week, with aromasin around as needed and nolva for PCT.

Questions: what, if anything, am I doing wrong out of the gate, and what would you change and why?

Welcome bro! 125mgs is a lot of dbol, especially if your heavy, your gonna convert e2 at a tremendous rate! Also 10 weeks is too long for dbol, I wouldn’t run it longer than 6, 8 is pushing it! Usually a dbol protocol would start with 50mgs for 6 weeks. We’re glad to have you aboard brother, good luck with your upcoming cycle!

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25 mg per day on training days, does that sound a little better? Thanks for the input on length though. This is definitely the most aggressive cycle I’ve planned, although it seems pretty cookie cutter compared to some. The deca and dbol are really about keeping the joints feeling healthy. Knees are trash but I have to squat or I feel like wimp.

Was you saying 125mg Dbol per day or 125mg Dbol per week? @McSwickles advice is 50mg Dbol per day for 4-8 weeks.

Ha ha 125mg who told you to do that

Oh shit oops I see you corrected yourself @Knurdy

You don’t need two compounds to keep joints healthy, yes people run low doses of deca for joint health, but sayin your “mainly” using deca n dbol for joints, your running themin a cycle, you can use glucosamine or other things instead of two compounds for joint health

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Again, my fault for not giving enough detail. Deca for the joints, and the dbol is just to keep me feeling full. In my experience, the fuller I feel, the better all my joints feel.

Anyone have any input on the nolva? Should I run it throughout the cycle?

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Welcome really only way to no is trial and error and bloodwork. Have enough on hand uf your gyno sensitive if not dont use it. Save it for pct.



Welcome to ugmuscle brother glad to have you around look forward to seeing you in the forums

Welcome to UGM!

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