GH being tested

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I’m proud to tell you guys I’m ordering a few kits from one of our sponsors. I will be testing random vials from each kit just to show everyone results. I’m doing this to ease your nerves on ordering GH. I’m sure we have all at one time or another been scammed by people selling us GH. This will show everyone the quality offers and that we at UG trust this source. I will keep you all posted on deleviry times and how efficient this process has been. @AlexYang has been very responsive and I’m looking forward to sharing results. will definitely appreciate this i will be getting igf1 test in around 3wks to show the strength. Im expecting good numbers.
Now we will have 2 tests

Awesome @Bigmurph. Look forward to your results also.

This is often the issue with gh. Ive soruced a few times and the kits were spot on. After awhile i needed more and sourced the same spot and this time were fake. It would be nice to have a solid reliable source. Keep us posted @PHD on how it tests out

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For sure @QuantumPeptides_seth. I had same issues with a company I used almost 2 years. Started off great my planters faciatius (spelling) went away. After a year and half started having pains again. I tested it and fake as shit. Very excited about this new company. I’m having about 10-15 people test and will post some results for us all to see

Awesome man. Keep me posted for sure

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Thats incredibly common i remember a src less than a year ago that built a name for solid hgh then started sending hcg to everyone.

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I will have a test up in around 3wks if you’re using @AlexYang at wehormone.
Then i would really like to see more tests that will confirm his verification or get it revoked. Im pretty sure that it will validate it though

I’m ordering 12-15 kits this weekend I have 6 top athletes testing them and will have their results also. I also will test the one I use since I may jump back up on stage by the end of the year. I’m hoping for results near 30. I’m hearing from others that have these green tops that are testing around 29-30. Excited to post the results.

So an update on ordering with wehormone @AlexYang is on top of his stuff guys. He replies to all my messages. I sent money about 2 hours ago and he already has my package ready and to be sent. I’ll have my tracking number in about 32 hours. Excellent service. @QuantumPeptides_seth @Bigmurph @TrenGod

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Yeah I like @AlexYang really good guy to work with.
I will have numbers posted soon I have to get on and make an appointment

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Just got my tracking from @AlexYang this morning. Quick and friendly service

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Thanks, you will have my parcel soon.

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You shouldn’t post location or shipping information. It will just make it easier for them to slow it down.

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@AlexYang you have rocked this bro. Once I get and send out to my people I’ll have tests posted so everyone can see your quality.

Update on package. Arrived at customs and being processed. @AlexYang @Bigmurph @TrenGod

Sweet that wasn’t slow at all

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Update on GH. Still sitting in customs no update in a week. Not looking good I’m hoping customs is slow and it’s taking time to process but thinking it may have been seized. No letter yet so keeping fingers crossed.

Well im almost at testing I have 9 more days and I will be at vial 6 then I should have been on long enough to have elevated igf levels.
Im starting to get swelling in my joints causing a little numbness here and there so its definitely working. I actually feel like I look better more rounded. Maybe its just me dreaming in the mirror again but I can swear its doing something

Received GH today from @AlexYang thanks bro. He stayed in constant contact throughout the whole process and was very helpful. I’ll have some of my guys test and will post results soon.
@Bigmurph @SIEGMUND @Burrr @TrenGod

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