Gh question for the more experienced?

I have a question …I have been running gh since November worked my way up to 6iu splits up twice a day 3 iu am 3 iu PM. The last month the sides have gotten pretty bad. I’ve stayed at the 6 iu for a few months and I have lowered my dose down to 3 iu and still the side are bad… is it time to give myself a little break and let my body reset its self. Before the past months or so the aide weren’t bad at all. Nothing has changed same gh same vendor. Diet is about the same just taki g in more calories…

I’m no expert, my main side was carpal tunnel like symptoms. At lower dose I noticed nothing, when I tried to run 15ui a day my arms wouldn’t wake up for about 3hours after I woke up. I changed dosage back to 6ui and it took a couple weeks for the numbness to subside.

How long have you been at lower dose?
What sides are you having trouble with?

Second week at 3 iu carpal tunnel syndrome swelling of hands and wrist. Fingers numb pain in elbows burning sensation in arms fingers. Pain is bad enough to where I’m not sleeping good… waking up throughout night… just wondering if anyone has had the sides to intensify the longer a person is on it… I’ve been at 6 iu for a while and first couple months hardly any side but its seems like the longer I’ve been on at the dose the worse the sides are getting

You need to take a break or lower your dose alot because you will end up with those side effects never going away.

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I never heard of them becoming permanent.

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My mother uses gh for the “anti aging” stuff she has read about. She stared at 2.5 and had no issues for about70ish days. Then she had a lot of issues with one of her arms and we reduced hers down to 1.5 and the effects were then minimal really only when she is doing yard work and using her hands a bunch. She had CT surgery on one arm and that arm has shown zero signs of side effects. She never plans to go off and had been fine at that does for months and claims she feels great.


The sides won’t be permanent bro. But it’s not good when it hurts like that. I would lower you dosage to 3-4iu see how you do. My gh does same thing I actually dilute it more. I use 1.5cc of bac water and I’m good to go at 6iu a day. Although I’m probably only getting 3-4 actual IU but I think you get the gist of what I’m saying

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