Go-to stack for bulking?

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So what’s everyones go to stack for a nice solid bulk? You guys like to keep it simple? Maybe use exotic compounds? Lets hear it guys and gals. This off season I have a goal to reach of 250lbs that’s about 20lbs more then where I’m at now. I have my diet and training laid out already but haven’t really put any though into what compounds to run.

Sustanon or a test mix, anadrol, tren, insulin. I keep it simple.

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I have a lower floor on simple than you do (I wouldn’t lump insulin in there)! But that’s why you’re the TrenGod.

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Npp or Deca, Test, Dbol, and Foooood!!

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Biggest bulk for me was
Sustanon 250mg/ml 3x a week
Decca 200mg 2x a week pushed it to 600mg but it was to much for me.
Proviron 50mg split ed
Ran that with a dirty bulk diet eat everything big numbers in macros and cals. I tried to run adrol with it but I couldn’t my bp shot threw the roof on 25mg of adrol. I would have used it 2wk on 2wk off for 3-4x 2wk runs. I ran for 16wks didn’t keep 20lbs but a gain of 36lbs once I knocked off the water and cycled off I had about 8-12lbs of muscle from a 16wks cycle that actually lasts around 20wk with the esters. I swear 6wks after my last inj I was still making great gains. It was an awesome cycle.


Liking it guys!! I have been leaning towards this guy’s lemme know what you think

1200 Sust w/Prop
600 NPP or Deca
300 Tren E
Slin (gonna try Lantus) w/ humalog post workout
5-10 iu gh
Orals (dbol and Adrol) brought in and out throughout blast
Shit ton of food!!!

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Sustanon has a fast acting ester. You won’t need prop with it.

Npp is fine

Tren e is good.

Slin is good.

With GH need to test and find your sweet spot. Not all GH is equal. With a good GH 5iu will be enough. With shitty GH 10iu.

Stick with either dbol or adrol. No need to switch during blast.

Make sure you get blood work before during and after. And have an ai on hand if you need.


Nice man thanks for the feedback. Gh is China generic, unfortunately I can not afford to run pharma, but good China generic, I’ve been with the same guy for some time now, hplc reports always come in at 98%+ purity, generally speaking I’m at 4-6 iu through out the year so maybe I’ll try 6-8 and see how it works out. Still torn though between dbol or adrol, but I think for bulking purpose I will stick with dbol, I’ll tend to hold more water but that isn’t really a concern for me this off-season maybe finish blast off with adrol. Blood work will be paramount, I will most definitely do pre, intra, and post. I will be coming off a 2 month bridge of 200mg test Cyp. As far as food goes I will try to stay in the 5-6k cal range, all depends on how I feel, might drop back cals or add we’ll see.

Also I want to put this out there, I will log this here at UGM from start to finish. What sponsor would you guys like to see being used for this. I’m open to all suggestion as long as there verified here at UGM.

Hey when you pushed your Deca from 400 to 600 what ill sides did you encounter to make you drop down back to 400. Also I like the proviron you have in there. I will incorporate that as well. Matter of fact I just started proviron like we talked about before and even after a couple days I noticed a great increase in the sense of well being. I’m really liking it.


Yes proviron!! I have no opinion on your bulk, as your way more knowledgeable then me already, except that I need Marijuana to bulk.

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Oh trust me my friend that’s in my daily regiment :wink:

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Test, NPP, and A Bombs… I love gaining weight

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Proviron is really underrated. One of the best compounds to add to testosterone.

When I pushed to 600mg my bp went to high had to go back to 400mg.

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