Going on TRT and when to supplement?

Going on TRT and when to supplement?

So I have an appointment with a TRT Doctor.
I will lay out what he says and does after the appointment of course.
I am wondering on when can I supplement more test and actually cycle? And not give the doctor the impression that I am doing so… cause he would probably not like the fact that I am.

Just wondering on time frame and some advice.
If you need more info let me know.

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Feel him out. It is always good to have an understanding doctor on your side.


Keep in mind in the beginning some like to test several times in to see how your levels are too. I’m honest with my docs cause they can usually tell when your taking other steroids.


He is a new to me doctor never have met him.
And I will feel him out. I was referred to him by a friend of mine.

Your trt doctor will run bloodwork and look for your estrogen and testosterone levels mainly than also lh and fsh plus free testosterone.

You can take alot of compounds that won’t effect these numbers any different than trt already would. You can run a trt dose of testosterone and run primo,masteron, and so many more compounds. Just watch your cholesterol with orals and estrogen with other compounds and as long as your testosterone levels stay within range your good.

You have another way also of doing a blast and cruise scenario were you blast 8wks a cycle stack and then go back to just your trt dose until you pass your next blood test and then blast again and again. Alot of people argue that 8wks is the perfect cycle time for optimal gains from the compounds. Especially short or shorter esters.

I believe that the second scenario is what im going to be doing moving forward. Just a trt dose of 200mg/ml test cyp and I will add other compounds and adjust my diet for my goals.

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Thank you I understand that.

I don’t want to sound preachy but if you are genuinely going on TRT because you need to, I’d wait till your second round of bloods are done. So maybe after 6 months of being on it. You’re gonna be on Test, HCG, and an AI so your goal should be to get as dialed in as best you can.
Also a big factor is depending on your protocol
There are still docs out there doing this one shot every two weeks or 10 days which is garbage.
In other words, unless you have extensive experience with running gear and know what you’re doing then you can mess with other compounds/raise your weekly test levels etc.
if not, be conservative with your approach and don’t rush shit. TRT is for life so get dialed first and know your levels.
That’s my opinion.
I’ve been on TRT for 18 months. It rocks but you got to do it right
Hope this helps

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Great advice and I thank you. I am going to go very slow. And take the time to do things right.
I just wanted to know how you get around TRT and cycling. And not letting the TRT doctor know you are.
Slow and steady wins the race. I am in no rush do to my job and other factors in life. I have to do things moderately.

Thank you again for everyone who has given me advice.

@Ominous. Absolutely bro.

Once you’re feeling good and know your bloodwork levels etc then lab work shouldn’t be as intrusive as every 90 days. So running some additional test and/or other compounds won’t mess with your relationship with the doc.

Plus I can’t say it enough. You’re gonna want to get dialed and optimize your health. That way you know where at and what you’re working with.
I noticed once I was on TRT I didn’t need naps like I once did :joy: and I could keep working out My levels were low and I felt like shit. Real shit.

Right now I’m on a solid blast and loving it, but I couldn’t imagine jumping into a cycle without first improving my life etc.
this forum is great. Definitely use it because there are a lot of solid people with a ton of experience to share.

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Got my blood work back yesterday.
This is it. Go back to my TRT doctor on the 23rd.

On Test C 200mg per week.
All is going well so far. Going on third pin this weekend.

Do it after your blood work and after your dr interview they will test you in 6 months and sometimes they test you during but just to see how your blood thickening i was on a tren blast about 5 weeks in to it and i just did my 6 month blood test were my test was 1284 up from 324

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