Going to be a big day for

The smoker tomorrow! The last half way warm day in Iowa for at least a week, if not longer. Going to smoke a 10 lb butt, 2 lb Flank Steak about 7 lbs of chicken thighs and probably a meatloaf… I’ll post pics!


Is 0730 here, and this is the butt… ready to go on, smoke for 10 hrs. Using apple wood. Usually I inject these, but my damn inject needle broke, so I used the injection as a binder and I’ll pour some in the foil when I wrap it in about 6 hours


Looking good

A little over 2 hours in… bark is coming in nicely. This one might cook faster than normal, usually after 2 hours they’re only about 90-100 degrees, we’re sitting at 113 right now.


Nice - what type of smoker do you have?

Just a Masterbuilt 30”. I had an offset smoker I made about 13 years ago out of 24” and 16” sch 40 pipe, and square tube steel. I loved it, but when we sold our house to move to the house we built it stayed at the old house… weighed too much for me to bother with moving it. I miss it, but I also like the ability to just set the temp on the masterbuilt and not have to do anything but add wood as I go along

7 hours in, finally ready to wrap this bitch in foil and finish her off… which is good, because now I can smoke the thighs, flank and meatloaf… also going to smoke some Brussels Sprouts


Cool - I sold my MB about a year ago when I relocated. It’s definitely convenient and gets the job done. Been without a smoker since I sold it, but that will change next month :grin:

I’m thinking about buying a Traeger next. Our son in law has one, he loves it. If not a Traeger, then probably a Weber Smokey Mountain. This is my retirement plan for when I retire from the skilled trades… BBQ my life away

You’ll love the Traeger l had one as well. Absolutely loved my Traeger, it was phenomenal. Also had a charcoal grill, between the 3 I was in heaven. At one point I was out back using one of them at least twice a week, that lasted almost a year. But…got rid of all 3 when I moved.

That pork butt looks damn good, nice job.

I love charcoal grills, natural gas just doesn’t give the same flavor! That’s basically what the Smokey Mountain is… it’s like a green egg, or Komodo only no where near as expensive!

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And here’s the Butt, the culmination of 11 hours on the smoker… I’ll shred her and pour all that juice into the pulled pork and the meat will soak it all up!


Man that looks amazing!! Electric or wood smoker?

Electric. Masterbuilt that burns wood, it actually gets a pretty good smoke going too. I’ve built a few big fire box smokers, one I even posted on here that was built for a DuPont plant. Someday I will build another one to put on a trailer. Until then the Masterbuilt works, possibly a Traeger will get added to the mix

Omg. That looks so good

Everything you make looks amazing

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Hey @JB_rD81… man I’m really sorry I wasn’t there to help consume that scrumptious looking batch of I’ve died and gone to heaven food…
Really really sorry!

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