Good morning gents! Breakfast update

It’s a beautiful morning. I think. I dunno the sun isn’t up yet.

First day on a new job. Nothing like taking a contract and moving a few hours away and all that it entails in under 5 days. 13 week icu contract and “allegedly” neither myself nor my wife will have to take covid patients. I’ll be back at my roots with open heart surgery patients… and by my standards… that is… OUTFUCKINGSTANDING.

And it’s days shift. Maybe I’ll sleep like a normal person for a few months… who am I kidding. I’ll never sleep like a normal person.

Gonna get the new gym lined up this afternoon after Orientation.

It’s kinda cool going to travel nurse with your wife, especially when she’s the most badass icu nurse I’ve ever worked with.

Breakfast- Kodiak cakes oatmeal, 8 servings of liquid egg whites. Black coffee.

Goggins is my guy. I’ll leave you with it.


Congratulations :champagne:
Here is my view for a little while at work.



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Yes. I’m in Florida. Sarasota area.


Been there around the gulf. I recognized the sand. Gulf had pretty white sand.

Did a lot of traveling. Sounds good. I get 100 text, emails for all the California crisis and of course im in one of the highest need states. It was good when we had a few top travel companies and they had exclusive contracts with good hospitals. All the what ifs right now must need a law degree to sign up! So cool you can go with your partner! My favorite were the smaller critical access hospitals probably because it made me look “intelligent”. Sounds fun…I hate getting old!


Haha mannnnn they got it down to a science right now. We were credentialed and contracted in 5 days for a new facility. Pretty crazy. I had read a few books on travel nursing to know what to put in our contracts but everyone is so short staffed right now they will agree to just about anything.

We required 2:1 ratio, no floats, same schedule, and if you sign another traveler at a higher rate then ours you have to up my contract as well.


Ten egg whites spinach and wheat toast with hot sauce for flavor


Great…very smart. I’ve heard horror stories lately too. I have awesome stories because I was always a bber first when I was a younger nurse. I wasn’t always there to work 48 - 62 hours unfortunately… I would do 3 or 4 shifts and find an awesome gym make good connections😁 Good luck there. I think it should all be compact laws. The ones that aren’t will come on fast.


Looks like your moving on up and having fun what your doing seeing as you used the word Outfuckingstanding. I’m happy for you @NeuroRN


I’m a kodiak cakes aficionado but have yet to try the oat meal. I’ve been on a oatmeal kick lately so will probably need to try it out

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I like Kodiak products but I stick with my quaker oates lol
Kodiak products are great for macros and diet but man some can be like eating tree bark lol


I’ve always been happy with the actual pancakes. Can’t beat the macros for them, and pretty satisfying when cutting


The chocolate chip oatmeal is good-ish. For the macros on a cut though it’s hard to beat.

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Never heard of kodiak products. Looking up now.

Hmmm I’m not sure they have them in sout east…online only? I’m a Quaker oats guy too. Simple n quick n cheap

They do! We’re southeast. Look at publix or Kroger.

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I like tree bark. I’m like a big buck.


We had kodiak pancakes for breakfast this weekend kids even love them. Really help take the edge of when your craving pancakes and can get a bunch of protein out of them.

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