Good morning to all you lifting motherfuckers

So we had a little rain yesterday so it spoiled my staining of decks today, so now I can do my chores at home,and other things, so here is my day.I just pinned 25 mg TNE,25 mg nandrolone base, 25mg Anadrol and 5 mg M1T,now I will wait about 1.5 hours, maybe 2 till it kicks in, in the meantime I will do 5 eggs, 5 toast,banana,water, maybe a coffee, after workout it will be leftover spaghetti and a plain bagel. I am gonna do bi and tris,preacher curls, stand curls, hammer curls, kick backs, pull downs, skull crushers, and a few diamond push ups to end the tris part. How about you guys?


Nice! Morning to yeah!

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So half of long sauce kneed yo try it out

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Well a full ML is fucking real good, but my BP dont like a full one


Nice to get the day off and get some things done around the house its chest for me forgot already fasted cardio also


Yeah the rain ruined my plans for the weekend. It pretty much rained the whole time. I’m still in bed. About to roll out get some food and hit the gym. I just joined a new gym. I’m working out biceps and tris.

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I love tne and SD andddddddd Monieeeeesss!!!


Just got done eating.
About to head to my gym.
300 mg Test C.
May drop a super drol to kick off the workout.


Drop that bad boy. SD for the win

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More work today. Monday’s are usually busy but I’ll be able to do shoulders later. Db overhead press with front/side and rear raises. Would love to pop an abomb . But if I do it in the evening it messes up my sleep. Rest is more important to me. Have a good day brother.

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superD and monies yup


Your right Rest is important

In the gym now doing a little chaser and back then some knee rehabilitation work

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