Google collects Android users' locations even when location services are

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Privacy should just be taking out of the dictionary it no longer exists

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Oh for sure. Before the government use to track us by our habits. Bars clubs ranges camping our hobbies. Now they just track us via phones everyone has a phone it’s the easiest way. I’m pretty sure the camera and mic are being used as well. The mic for sure to hear what we are saying. Hell phones have cameras on both sides just to make see they can see at all times

The nsa can connect to any camera in the states.
Also like u said they can listen even if the device is off with the battery out.
A very popular encrypted email came out and said that they can’t guarantee end to end encryption unless you use there onion site to log on but
They said that they just can’t guarantee end to end encryption

Is there a way to encrypt my phone. Beyond my passcode and what not. VPN stuff like that?

Don’t encrypt your phone but a good vpn isn’t expensive and is worth everything penny.
Just search the play store check out nord vpn

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