Got back my labs today been running like 1.25 test e 250 once a week what is ideal free testosterone for a 41 year old?



On cycle? Or for TRT?

I would take more than one shot a week. I take 375 mg (1.5 cc) test e a week right now split between 3 shots, every 3rd day along with 225 mg (1.5 cc) of NPP. I cruised for almost 10 months on 200 mg (1 cc) of Cyp a week split between 2 shots before I upped my doses. Spreading it out over a few shots will help keep your hormone levels consistent rather than having valleys and peaks as the half life breaks the compound down

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I can not see this file to review.

Basically trt


Then I would say you’re taking too much. But there are others that will know more than myself.

When we’re these drawn related to when you pinned?

What a great cycle for a beginner like me! In your guys opinion been looking into this for a while and I’m torn between sust. And test e no??

This is more of trt style dosing protocol. Although ideally you would pin Test E twice a week.

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For some reason I can’t respond to emails

Are you currently on standard TRT with this blood work? Looks like a low base line and would like to know more about the question please.

This is @maxxy10 free T. That’s the picture in the original post.

6 days apart

Whats the ideal free test to look for number range???

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Well @maxxy10 thats a very loaded question as some males function on lower T better than others. But the standard we go off is usually 100-200 pg/ml.

This is a very broad number so please dont take it to heart 120% im more concerned with your overall health and well being and how you are feeling off your perscribe medications. That’s a true gauge!


This is true it really is how you feel bad how much you take or need sometimes.

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I feel like a million bucks doc said everything looks good totally honest with her she said maybe tone it down to 1ml a week but all my labs look good

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@maxxy10 that is all that matters clean bill of health and general well being is all i care about with a patient.

All the best!

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