Got in last minute for an oil change

Well I got a call at noon. Somebody had canceled so I got in to unload a pint. Pretty excited it’s been hard to get in. Especially with working 6 days a week for a minute. Hemo high but not too high. Blood pressure in check plus got a lot of shit done on my day off.


Great to hear I still can’t believe my hemp was almost too low when I went last time

Never heard of that

I haven’t been able to donate because I’m on accutane. Trying to have one of the ER nurses at my gym bleed me out. Lol they have been reluctant. I’m hoping I can get it done this week

Do find as an adult accurate has any negative mental sides

I’ve had no issues at all on 40mg per day. Dry lips have been it. I’ve battled acne on my back for years , cystic nasty acne . I finally caved this year and I’m very happy I did

I took as youth and it worked great never any acne till recently. Still none on face but it’s hard to say how much it messed my brain up as 16-17 yo


Yeah I’ve heard it can be tough

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All th crap you put in your body I think your fine. You could probably drink bleach and be fine lmao.

Doubtful man things a take a toll


We worry about you dirt.

I donated for the first time today. My iron was 17.5. They told me to come every 56 days.


I think mine is about every 49 days…or so.

Mine is 56 also. Just checked.

8 weeks for me so doing the math that’s 56 here.

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I haven’t been able to find a location that is near but I been doing it for some time the only time my iron was high was when I was on Tren…

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The Red Cross travels all over the place in my area. Mobile clinic. Usually at the same locations. They have a good website to see when they might be in your area.

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