Great info for cruise, or unofficial TRT folks

Recently finished this book. Along with his TRT replacement handbook.

You could read this one and skip the Trt handbook. The author has references for every claim made and the bottom of each page.

He goes into what bloodwork needs to be drawn, ancillary supplementation, and overall health and well-being.

From a medical standpoint, the info he presented was pretty damn frustrating. Seeing how much hormonal imbalance leads to all the chronic diseases I see people die from on a Weekly basis, and knowing how little physicians understand the importance of fixing that hormone imbalance. Obviously testosterone is not a cure all, but it sure seems like optimal Hormone levels fixes a whole helluva lot more than putting someone on 15 different prescriptions.

This leads me to the point I came here to make:

  1. PCT, medically speaking is not actually a thing. It’s mostly bro-science backed up by some correlating data. Our HPTA wasn’t meant to be started and stopped as many times as most of us have started and stopped it. This is important for newbies and those on the fence about starting gear. Generally speaking, you will end up on permanent HRT or the blast or cruise model because of your anabolic usage causing hypogonadism. I SAID GENERALLY SPEAKING. Don’t @ me with the guy you know who ran cycles totally on and off well into their 30’s-40’s. This is an important consideration to make for those just starting out, and why point number 2 is important.

  2. Get you effing bloodwork done. “If you can afford gear, you can afford bloodwork.” -BIGMURPH
    We’re all playing a serious game. The goal is balance of risk vs reward. I’ve noticed a trend of people assuming they are “normal” and their body will respond to XYZ like
    Everyone else. Don’t assume you are “normal” until you run XYZ and get bloodwork done. I bet you find that there’s no such thing as normal, and when you are playing with your hormones every single one of us will respond differently. Example: 2 iu of GH put my prolactin at 27, and resulted in my test being 320. Do you know how many people run 2iu and love every second of it? A lot. I assumed I was normal, only got bloodwork bc my wife said I seemed like I was in a bad mood all the time. Per our “marriage gear agreement” she can request bloodwork at any time (what happens when the wife is an ICU nurse too, she wants to cold hard facts and doesn’t give a fuck about the feelings) and thank fuck I did it. I was able to safely correct things BECAUSE I HAD BLOODWORK DONE. Don’t assume you’re normal. You probably aren’t.

2a. Baseline blood work is equally important as mid cycle and post cycle bloodwork.

  1. If you are a Blast and cruise guy. Or unofficially TRT managing yourself. Or even officially in an HRT clinic and wanna learn more about what to expect in your own body. I highly recommend this book. Knowledge is power and a leader never stops reading or learning. Do yourself a favor and get some knowledge!

I can’t recommend managing your HRT, obviously finding a doc is best. But we’re all stubborn, myself included, and we’re gonna do what we want. All I want for all of us is that we do it as safe as possible.


Thank you for the write up. I’ll be getting this book shortly. :ok_hand:



Glad to hear it!
Also a good one. Much shorter. But still a good one.


Hey if you want proof of damage look at me fried mine apparently Who knows if I would have had someone teach me better protocol back in the day trt for over 10 yrs now


That’s a solid write up brother see this is the type of articles written that win member of the month.
I appreciate the quote I wish I had originally said that but I got it from others but its incredibly true if you can afford food, blood work, gear, pct plus AI and a dopamine antag, gym membership.
Then you can run a cycle please don’t just buy an andromix test/tren/mast and then just start inj.


You were the first person I saw say it, so just trying give credit! I read it and thought the same thing… that’s so incredibly true! First cycle (Long before I was a member here) I looked at it as a unnecessary expense, and to be honest I bet I never recovered completely bc that pct was shite. Now I can’t imagine adding, mixing, or increasing dosages without the info that blood work tells me!


Great post man :v:


I like that bro and agree a 100%

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