Great Protein Debate

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Curious to hear everyone’s opinion on how much protein you need when running cycles. For my first few cycles a few years ago my coach I had was big on pushing protein. I was always over 2g/lb of weight.

Since working with my new coach these last few blasts I’ve been running lower protein. Around 1.5g/lb. I’ve still seen great results and I love carbs so I’ve had no issue.

I’m currently 197lbs and eating just shy of 4800 cals now on this bulk. Around 285-300P (depending which lgb I get at the time 90vs93%), 585C, and 115-122F (again due to lgb I buy).

I’m thinking it’s time to up more cals and in 3 weeks I’ll be dropping my coach to continue on the bulk myself. I’ll hire him again if I decide to compete. But I’m wondering, wth my other macros pretty high… is it time to bump the protein and get that higher closer to 2x my weight or do you think he 1.5x is plenty and keep pushing the carbs?

Figure this would be a good discussion with varying opinions.

Off cycle im getting 200g atleast on cycle atleast 300g im big on protien because carbs bloat me so much

Your question does not have a definitive answer because everyone metabolizes nutrients differently and our own metabolism is in a constant change because of so many factors. What I recommend is to develop a starting point and make small adjustments to your protein intake as needed. Whether you are consuming 100g or 300g per day it doesn’t matter if it is not providing you with the results you are looking for. I would start at 1X body weight and make small changes (25-50g/day) every 10 days until you find your sweet spot. You can increase the efficiency of your protein intake with the use of Protease and tren of course. :wink:

Grab some digestive enzymes such a Protease and a high quality probiotic. Your digestive tract and monthly food bill will thank you.

Best of luck!

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I’ve checked out using probiotic I was thinking about trying the bayer probiotic

Probiotics are a MUST have for any of us but they have very limited benefit when it comes to protein. Proteins needs specific enzymes that break it down. This is something that probiotics can not do. That is why I recommend Protease or similar digestive enzymes.

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I would like to make a point off topic… by reducing digestive stress you reduce the amount of cortisol release. Reducing cortisol and stress reduces fat accumulation and increases fat burning mechanisms.

I already run digestive enzymes and am at 1.5x haha I’m not gunna drop to one. I was just looking for some convo around what people like to see how many run way high protein (aka 2x plus) compared to those who don’t and what their thoughts are on their gains comparison if they’ve done both

Why wouldn’t you consider dropping to 1X? Do you have measured results of different macro breakdowns for you personally? In my personal experience I see no difference in my own development using 200g or 300g per day. Our body can only uptake so much and the rest is a waste of $ and an increase in digestive stress. Note- I do not compete and I am 50+ years old so that plays a factor. I do benefit by maintaining balanced hormone levels and maintain my TSH at an almost hyperthyroidism level.

I do have to say that some of the greats I’ve seen quoted saying that its ridiculous how much protien that the bbers are taking in. Adding that it stresses the body like your saying and that ammonia in high amounts is produced damaging organs possibly. Im not sure if the last part is completely true but to much of anything is a bad thing. Even water so I could definitely agree that balance has to be found.

I will say I did do the whole intermittent fasting leangains style for awhile and protein on it is close to 1 and I think it is lean mass too. I saw great results cutting on it, but I was also natty then.

I guess in my situation I’m wondering do I keep just upping the carbs or am I at a spot I could benefit from finally upping my protein more this time to add the cals.

I’d love to hear from some pros on this topic and get there thoughts and if they’ve tried both high and low and what their take always were. Would be a really cool read.

What’s your opinion brother

@Fitraver I think it really comes to knowing your body. For me I’m 225-230 and I consume total for the day about 400 grams of protein. Now I count all protein in my meals not just meats or shakes. My calories are 5700 and carbs are 770. Now I train really hard and totally different than your aberage bodybuilder and I train for competition on the elite level so there will be a big difference. Also at any one sitting my protein source is never over 5oz. I don’t do the 8-10oz portion size that is extremely hard on your body to digest. Hope this maybe helps a little bit @Bigmurph


I always like to hear your opinion on things like this. Your on the higher end of things so im always curious how far back and forth the spectrum goes
Thanks brother

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Thanks for the input @PHD

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