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In the past it took me about a month to form a work out habbit…like if i missed a day i would be miserable all day till i did get a work out in the next day. finally like that kicked is about a month ago so now i freak out and worry if i miss a day…then when i do get back on the work out after a day and sometimes i force a second day. its legitimate rest…but i freak out and am uneasy…then when i get back to the gym i make up for the two days lmao!! i finally am getting i the habbits for doing arms…like actually doing a arm work out other than sayin…oh when i do back and chest it also working my arms so thats enough…do u think its good to have a separate arm day? is it true that you can do arms almost everyday? or is that a myth?

@Fitraver how do i link now the others to this and combine them to this topic? i tried but i cannot figure it out.

Oh so this is the name of your new log? I didn’t even notice. Just continue here that works. Just make a post at yw end if your other log saying the name of your new log and to follow here.

yes lol! so i had already created it but i thought i had it in the wrong section. ok will do

I updated the title for you.

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thank you so much😃

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ok something i have been confused about and never really looked into. i have never been a arm guy so doing arms have always been put off and i use the excuse that arm is worked out when u do back and chest etc…and thats plenty so is this true…is actually having a arm day beneficial?..because i know i can take it in low dosages…is it ok to do a few sets of arms every work out? is it a muscle that can be trained every work out? i started arms…i love tricepts so i will do those…its just the bicepts exercises/working out i am not all motivated on…but i love the look of bug bicepts and tris though…so i started to so curls

Arms is the best day!! Lmao I 100% think you should have an Arm day. That being said, your current goal being mostly fat loss and gaining whatever muscle you can along the way, if you are doing several full body type workouts a week that include back and chest multiple times, then you’re prolly okay. At the end of the day I’d recommend and arm day. If not how, certainly once you’ve dropped the amount of fat you want to. It I still say even now haha.

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agreed i am actually starting to see veins in my arms since i have been adding light arms…i like it lol!! and some meatyness i n my forearms so this is good

I never have arm days. I find that back days are best to do arms, just a preference though. Since you mentioned forearms, I might add that I’ve seen the most forearm growth once I started deadlifting.

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yes this is true i use to dead lift and that is true but i cannot dead lift right now so i am hoping shrugging with heavy dumbells will also do the job

That should help some since you are utilitizing your grip strength. Man I haven’t shrugged in so long, I miss it. My traps have always been naturally thick so any stimulation and they grow. Now that my back and delts are dense again I think I’ll get back to them!

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i want to get huge traps soooo bad…so i have been working on those…i think it really sets off the muscular physique

@Islandswole @fitstudboi let me clarify as what island said is a good point. I thought in reading your first post you just meant you weren’t specifically working arms and only getting arm work on chest and back day as a secondary muscle. If you are a tuaky still working tris on chest by themselves and same with bis on back day then you’re good. The day doesn’t have to specifically be just arms. I thought you meant you weren’t truly focusing on them at all.

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my other question was are arms muscles that can be worked everyday of should there be rests in between?

ok so i see alot of people that are taking some form of steroid…drinking…now just for what i am doing…even before i took my first shot of replacement test…i refused/was scared to drink…even though i would crave like hell to get a buzz…it doeant take much for me…1 drink would do it at most two…alot of times 1 would give me a hangover within an hr after drinking but not always…i was always afraid it would mess up my weight loss progress and def hinder my muscle gain…as well for some reason…after two drinks and a nice buzz…i wake up the next morning looking the worst end of my age lmao…now that i am on just test…if i do have a crave…is it safe to drink?..what type of alcohol is best to drink under any. just want to to confirm for sure if i should risk a drink or two only on a weekend if i feel it or stay away completely.

As long as you’re not drowning your self in alcohol every week then you should be fine. Be sure to have some tudca on hand to protect that liver, maybe even some choline and inositol. I personally stopped drinking the minute I started any gear just as a personal preference. A few brews here and there won’t hurt though.

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well i have stopped completely my self even when i just was dieting and working out…but cool. but i may not drink still but good to know one or two on occasions far apart is ok.

ok so i have a question…well three…ok…so…i have been on low dosage 1 shot a week since nov…second week…should i cycle off…or can i continue?..if i should how?..secondly…i just still dont feel myself and i stopped the yohimbine thiz week for a little bit… and for sure my labido stopped it seemed…so it shows me proof that the test is not enough. i feel better…i feel as i said a while ago…the mind muscle and weight connection…but not how i was…

i have more 200ml prescripts from doc. and i have 1 bottle of 250 i got from a friend…i had it for a while…a year or a little more actually and it says expires 2019…i am tempted to take that as the next once week as apposed to the 200 once a week if i dont need to cycle off…for the next 3 months please tell me what you would suggest :smiley:

Have you done any blood work yet? That would be first step bro

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