Gyno,dangers of gyno, preventing gyno, gynoclamastia

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Read this before running gear so you can understand the side effects better and why an aromatase inhibitor is so important

This can help clear gyno

GP Letrozole (Femara)

I prefer pharma grade which a verified src here [email protected]
Can get at great prices


i rarely need a ai. , but i always have pharma on hand. … also i stock caber. … also barley need but would rather not need and have than need and not have. …i have been there and done that …
also i have had ugl. fail me. , (no disrespect menant ) but.i strictly go pharma.

Its true ugl is basically rolling the dice with your ai and pct. Its usually not even there fault the raws they get just aren’t as good as they should be or they underdose because aromasin and Arimidex also letrozole are not the cheapest compounds.
Then the raw makers will cut corners to make the raws cheaper rather than going through a good gmp practices.

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